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*Mary Castle Math Pentathalon

Mary Castle Math Pentathalon News and Information

1-Mrs. Frieze’s Class

Mrs. Frieze's Class News and Information

news for the week of May 13

May 13th 2019

Thank you for all of the wonderful things for teacher appreciation week.  I felt very blessed. This week we are working on the Diary of books.  We will also be creating our own diary of book of a creature of our choice. In Math we are reviewing Measurement today with an Escape the classroom challenge.  Then we will be working on repeated addition, arrays, and multiplication for the remainder of the week. Please remember to rsvp on Skyward for next year.  You may get to this from the Parent link o ...Continue Reading

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class

Mrs. Goodwin's Class News and Information

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

May 24th 2019

Hello Families! ​As the year winds down, I wanted to let you know that your child brought home a bag of books this week. These books have been used for several years in our small reading groups. Our district has adopted a new reading series since we acquired these, and we no longer use them. I wanted to be able to send home some books with  your children to enjoy over the summer to continue to enrich themselves. We don't want them to lose academic ground over the vacation. So enjoy these books with your children! ...Continue Reading

1-Mrs. Miller's Class

Mrs. Miller's Class News and Information

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class

Mrs. Perdue's Class News and Information

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

March 8th 2019

Perdue Press Academic Updates: February was spent giving many mid year assessments.  Students were given 2 online assessments given throughout the district and they did amazing!  The expected growth on Early Star was 40 points and our average was +141!  Star Math showed the same type of growth with the average growth was +119.  I am super proud of their hard work.  Our goal for reading in first grade is deepening comprehension.  We continue to focus on this skill as we look for text evid ...Continue Reading

2-Mrs. Sturgeon

News and information from Mrs. Sturgeon's Class

Mary Castle Field Day Reminders

May 21st 2019

*Mary Castle International* *Field Day Reminders* * * *When:  Wednesday, May 22nd       Rain or Shine* * * *Time:  Grades:  4, 5, 6       9:00-10:30* *             Grades:  1, 2, 3        12:00-1:30* * * *What to Wear and bring: (Very Important)* * * **STUDENTS MUST WEAR TENNIS SHOES**.  If a student does not wear ten ...Continue Reading

2-Mrs. Young's Class

Mrs. Young's Class News and Information

2-Mrs. Young's Class Message

May 1st 2019

Hello Families, “Don’t forget to complete RSVP in Skyward Family Access for your students who are returning for the 19-20 school year!  The forms in RSVP are required Medical, Technology and Bus Forms that will have your student ready to go for the next school year!  You will receive reminder phone calls for any student that has not had RSVP completed; if your student is not returning for the 19-20 school year, please contact the school. Videos are posted on www.ltschools.org on the Parent Page that will ass ...Continue Reading

2-Ms. McDaniel's Class

Ms. McDaniel's Class News and Information

2-Ms. McDaniel's Class Message

May 25th 2018

Good morning, Sorry for the early morning email but I forgot to remind the kids of the fifth grade lemonade sale today.  They are coming to our pod at 1:45.  If your child would like to purchase a cup of lemonade it is 25 cents for a small and 50 cents for a regular size.   Have a wonderful long weekend! Sincerely, Kelly  ...Continue Reading

2-Ms. Smelser's Class

Ms. Smelser's Class News and Information

2-Ms. Smelser's Class Message

October 11th 2016

Dear Parents, Thank you so much for your attendance at Parent Teacher conferences.  Your enthusiasm for your children is contagious, and I appreciate all of your support.  Tomorrow I will be working on report cards, and they will be distributed on October 19th.  Some of you have expressed interest in accessing your child's grades online.  Please visit this website to learn how you can obtain a parent username and password. https://ltschools.wufoo.com/forms/skyward-parent-access/ I hope you all hav ...Continue Reading

3- Mrs. Ashley Jones' Class

3- Mrs. Ashley Jones' Class

3- Mrs. Ashley Jones' Class Message

May 13th 2019

Good Morning! Here is our latest message sent on SeeSaw! Hello, Families, We are officially done with ILEARN! YAY! We are now into the final stretch of the school year! This week’s curriculum: Humanities: We are going to work on Parts of Speech, finishing our Informational writing and start a novel study! STEM: We are going to review number sense, data and graphing and start our bridging up to 4th grade! We are also going to continue working on our recycling inventions. They are looking SO COOL! We are going to c ...Continue Reading

3-Mr. Betts Class

Mr. Betts Class News and Information

3-Mr. Betts Class Message

May 15th 2019

Hello Families, Mr. Beattie is looking for volunteers to help with the Mary Castle Field Day on Wednesday, May 22nd    The 4th, 5th, and 6th, grades will have their Field Day from 9:00-10:30.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades will have their Field Day from 12:00-1:30.  If you would be interested in helping all of the day or just part of the day please fill out the parent volunteer form or email Mr. Beattie at brianbeattie@PROTECTED   Thank you for your help and the more volunteers w ...Continue Reading

3-Mrs. Clarke’s Class

Mrs. Clark's Class News and Information

Classroom News for May 15th

May 15th 2019

Good Afternoon Parents,  We are fast approaching the end of the 2018-2019 school year. It's been a wonderful year and we are so grateful that we get to spend each day with your child! There are many reminders and events going on towards the end of the year. Please check out below.  ILEARN We are so proud of the focus and effort the students put towards ILEARN last week. They have worked so hard all year long and it was amazing to see their grit towards this challenging test. We are unsure of the exact sco ...Continue Reading

3-Ms. Fogleman's Class

Ms. Fogleman's Class News and Information

4-Miss Cowger's Class

Miss Cowger's Class News and Information

A Message from Ms. Cowger

May 21st 2019

Hello Parents!  Tomorrow (Wednesday) is FIELD DAY!  Mr. Beattie says it will take place, rain or shine!  Eeeek!  It might rain on us in the morning!  So, here are the guidelines:  Students must wear tennis shoes....no flip flops, boots, ballet flats, crocs, sandals, etc.  Please check the weather in the morning and guide your student in wearing the proper clothing tomorrow.  Students will be very active.  Please send extra clothes and shoes in a bag, in case it rains on us.& ...Continue Reading

4-Mrs. Lancaster's Class

Mrs. Lancaster's Class News and Information

February Newsletter

February 12th 2019

Good afternoon! I hope your Tuesday is going great!  Click _here_ to view our February newsletter. Thanks, Sharon Lancaster 4th Grade Teacher Mary E. Castle Elementary School 317.964.4600 ...Continue Reading

4-Mrs. McDonough's Class

Mrs. McDonough's Class News and Information

Crazy Sock Day Tomorrow!

April 30th 2019

Wednesday, May 1st is Principal Appreciation Day and we would like all students and staff to show their support of Mr. Blythe by wearing crazy socks. Rumor has it he loves his socks so we thought it would be fun to honor him by letting him know he has “knocked our socks off this year” with his leadership. Please join us as we celebrate Mr. Blythe with a crazy pair of socks! ...Continue Reading

4-Ms. Powell

Ms. Powell's Class News and Information

5-Mrs. May's Class

Mrs. May's Class News and Information

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

May 24th 2019

“If you have recently received WIDA ACCESS scores for the 2018-2019 school year, please be sure to review these  documents for further explanation about your child’s test scores.”  English         Spanish/ ...Continue Reading

5-Mrs. Maynard's Class

Mrs. Maynard's Class News and Information

Homework - Tonight - Chromebooks needed

May 14th 2019

Good morning!  We are going to do a test run in preparation for next year...students will be bringing their Chromebooks home tonight to complete, or revise, a few Readworks articles. I will send home a paper copy of this document so they know exactly which articles to work on. Some students have already finished their responses and only need to revise their responses. Others have not completed the questions yet and will need to finish, or begin, reading the articles at home with you. Please help your student comp ...Continue Reading

5-Ms. Church

Ms. Church's Class News and Information

5-Ms. Church Message

September 6th 2018

Good Morning! Each grade level has their own sign-up sheet. Please block out the times that you wish to take breaks by "signing up" under your name with your email address. This will block the time out so parents cannot schedule at that time. (As a reminder, the district hours are from 11:30-7...) I tried starting at 7:30, but it added too many options for it to work. *If I made a mistake, please let me know ASAP. Here is a blurb to send to families: (please wait to send until Thursday so everyone has a chanc ...Continue Reading

5-Ms. Howard's Class

Ms. Howard's Class News and Information

Fall Sports Info

May 17th 2019

Please see the attatchments pertaining to sports for the 19/20 school year.  ...Continue Reading

5-Ms. Landers

Ms. Landers' Class News and Information

Sorry, 1 more announcement

May 16th 2019

Our classroom will be hosting a book swap, or exchange, on Thursday, May 23rd. The hope is that each student brings in an enjoyable book to trade for a great summer read.  Students should bring in books before the 23rd  if possible.  If your family has a lot of books to share, please feel free to send in more than one, but know that your child may not get the same amount in return.  All children will go home with at least one book. Thanks for supporting reading and literacy a ...Continue Reading

6-Mr. Avant's Class

Mr. Avant's Class News and Information

6-Mr. Todd's Class

Mr. Todd's Class News and Information

October Newsletter

October 29th 2018

Here is the link for this month's newsletter.  Have a great evening! ...Continue Reading

6-Ms. Coake's Class

Ms. Coake's Class News and Information

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

November 9th 2018

·         We have our first Parent Engagement Night scheduled for November 13th, 6:30 - 7:30 and it will focus on STEM at MEC. We plan to have at least two more P.E.N’s this year with different speakers at each of these meetings, discussing “hot topics” that interest parents.  What are some topics you would be interested in?  Do you know any community leaders who would be interested in chatting with us? Please email mecpfo@PROTECTEDm ·   ...Continue Reading

6-Ms. Tippmann's Class

Ms. Tippmann's Class News and Information

10 second read!

May 24th 2019

Happy Friday!!!  Just a reminder....  Wednesday - Awards 10am, Picnic noon Grades - Most of the grades have been calculated.  The book reports account for a chunk of the reading grade.  Get them in!   Please have your student bring in UNO cards & regular card decks on Tutesday!! ENJOY the long weekend!  Ms. T ...Continue Reading