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Subject: 3- Mrs. Jones' Third Grade News Message
Date: May 23rd 2018

Good Afternoon,

The countdown is on. Grades have been finalized. We have an awards ceremony next Tuesday from 12-12:30. Please check grades because we will only be giving out Perfect Attendance awards, High Honor Roll and Honor Roll awards. If you are unsure of how to see grades, please let me know. 

Field Day was a hit! I uploaded some pictures to SeeSaw. Check them out! Thank you to everyone who helped make Field Day so awesome. My hands hurt from Tug-a-war! :) 

We do not have school Monday, in observance of Memorial Day, but will have school next Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday, May 30th, is our last day of school. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by.

For the remainder of the school year we will be "bridging to 4th grade" by reviewing 3rd grade skills and adding in some 4th grade skills to prepare your kiddo.

Many of you have been asking for summer activities to help your kiddo stay "fresh" for 4th grade. This book (https://www.unitednow.com/product/19069/summer-bridge-activities-workbooks-by-carson-dellosa.aspx?item=41656) is AMAZING for helping to practice skills that we have learned all year.

Have a wonderful end to the week,

Ashley Jones

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