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From: "3- Mrs. Ashley Jones' Class" <ashleyjones@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: 3- Mrs. Ashley Jones' Class Message
Date: December 3rd 2018

Good Morning, Families,

As a reminder- our weekly communication will be sent through SeeSaw. If you could please join our class here: https://app.seesaw.me/s/014-542-821 

This Thursday is an IREAD parent meeting. Click here for more information. 

Here was the message sent today. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Good Morning!

We are on a roll with learning! This Thursday is a very important Parent Meeting for IREAD3. We plan to share what is expected on the test AND share some pretests that we have done in class. If you would like to attend and have dinner, the dinner cost is $3. (You do not have to have dinner, you can just attend the meeting.) Please see the attachment to this announcement. The meeting will start at 5:15pm and last for 30 minutes.

For Humanities this week we are continuing research for our Midwest brochures. We are also working on finding the main idea of nonfiction texts and continuing context clues. Because context clue skills are broad, we will not have a weekly word list!

For STEM we are continuing animal traits and working on Area of rectangles and squares this week.

The book fair is this week as well! Our day to visit and purchase from the book fair is Wednesday. If you'd like your child to purchase a book from the book fair, please send them with money on Wednesday. We are still having a classroom book order as well. If you'd like to purchase from the book order, please go here:https://orders.scholastic.com/KCW8L. (This is separate from the book fair. I am placing or order on Friday this week so we get our books before Christmas Break)

Have a wonderful week,

Ashley Jones

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