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Date: August 18th 2017

Hello Families,

Welcome to 3rd grade!  We've now completed 2 weeks of school! It's amazing how quickly the time flies.  Tonight is the MEC picnic.  If your schedule permits, come and mingle with other families and some members of the MEC staff.  The weather will be great and your child can burn off some energy!  Next Thursday, the Summer Readers will be rewarded for their hard work.  We have been working hard in the classroom to instill the love of reading just for pleasure.  We have daily reading lessons, read alouds, and students have a time during the day to make their own selections and enjoy independent reading.  

 This year we've started strong in math with multiplication.  Division will soon follow.  Students have been learning to represent their understanding of math facts using several different strategies.  Ask your child what is his or her favorite strategy to use!  Math is certainly a journey of discovery.

Remember to join us on August 31st for Back to School night.  You'll have the opportunity to review some of you student's work, learn more about the interworkings of the classroom, and ask any clarifying questions.  

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with your child this year.  It looks like it's going to be great!

Mr. Betts

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