Week of Feburary 20

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Subject: Week of Feburary 20
Date: February 20th 2018

Good afternoon! 

I hope you all had a fun and restful President's Day!  As most of you know, Monday, February 27 marks the beginning of ISTEP testing at Mary Castle.  Here is the upcoming test schedule for our class:

Monday:  Session 1 Math 8:20 – 9:09

Tuesday:  Session 1 ELA 8:20 – 8:55

Wednesday:  Session 2 ELA (Writing) 8:20 – 9:30

Thursday:  Session 1 Science 8:20 – 9:14 N/A

This week we will continue practicing for the test as we get ready for next week.  We are using these practice tests as an instructional tool--this means that we can go over answers, make corrections, work with buddies to revise, etc.  Although I am timing students from time to time in order to allow them to sense how long a session will last, we are keeping the environment positive as we work hard to understand the increased rigor ISTEP. Testing starts next week!!!

  • Fourth grade students will study ISTEP responses from kids around the state and determined how to score open-response items using a rubric

  • Maniac Magee Literature Circle Work continues this week

  • In writing we are continuing work on our Nonfiction Magazines

  • In math we’re reviewing measuring in inches and centimeters, elapsed time, and converting metric and customary units of measurement

Homework This Week

Tuesday:  Literature Circle work as needed

Wednesday:  Science ISTEP Practice ALSO Literature Circle work as needed

Thursday:  Science ISTEP Practice ALSO Literature Circle work as needed

Friday:  Go outside and play!


Here are some upcoming needs that I may need filled as we move into the first week of ISTEP:

  • A parent volunteer to help me sharpen pencils for ISTEP

  • A few parents who would be willing to work together to coordinate day-by-day treats and encouraging messages for students each day they take ISTEP (Click here for some ideas!)  

  • Click HERE to sign up!

Have a fabulous week,

Mrs. Cannon


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