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Subject: Class News
Date: October 20th 2017

Hello Families,

Attached is Class News.  It's been a busy and fun week back from fall break:

  • 7 students passed Lexia levels this week!  That's amazing!
  • We did math outside 1 day.  See pics below.
  • We enjoyed the Global Games on Thursday, and PJ Day with a Kratts Brothers Show and popcorn at end of day.

I encourage you to practice math facts with your child for 5-10 min/day.  Addition and subtraction flashcards are available at the Dollar Store.  Keep some in the car ~ so practice can happen while running around.  If they become "fluent" (quick & accurate), math will come much easier to them.

Enjoy the weekend.  READ!!  See everyone on Monday.

Lezlie Ceglio

On Thursday ~ Global Games

A contest to see who could hang from the bars the longest

Doing a little math on chalk number lines ~ outside, on Wednesday

Happy Weekend,

Lezlie Ceglio


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