Mrs. Clarke's Class News Week of December 4th

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Subject: Mrs. Clarke's Class News Week of December 4th
Date: December 3rd 2017

Good Evening Parents,

Please watch this week's video newsletter for this week's news. Newsletter 12-4

Below are some important highlights. 

Scholastic Book Fair- The Scholastic book fair is here at Mary Castle. Students will be able to purchase books during our Tuesday library time. If you send money with your child, please send it in a baggie or envelope. 

IREAD Information Night- Wondering what IREAD is? What IREAD assesses? If so, then come to the IREAD information night this Thursday December 7th @6PM.

This Week's Learning

Reading- Describing characters, character traits  and how their actions effect the plot of a story

Writing- Plays 

Math- Properties of Addition, Rounding to the nearest ten and hundred, estimating sums and differences

Word Work- r-controlled vowel patterns -er, -or, -ur

Have a great week!

Mrs. Clarke 

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