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Subject: 6-Ms. Coake's Class Message
Date: September 29th 2017

Hello and happy Friday!


We've completed another full week of learning, and our talents just keep shining!


Please look for an orange sheet and envelope to come home with information about Mary Castle’s annual PFO fundraiser. We are looking as a school to bring in at least one dollar per student. If our class has 100% participation, we will decide as a group how we’d like to be rewarded. If a student brings in $10.00, they will receive an $5.00 gift card to Incrediplex!! Please take a moment to help our school reach the target goal of $5000.00 and send in at least $1.00 with your child next week.


Next Friday marks the end of the first quarter, and I'll be collecting all work that needs assessed for report cards. Also, the students will be completing both an ELA and a Math common assessment from the district to show their understanding of the standards we've focused on so far this year. The math assessment is over 6th grade material even though most of us are working above grade level. This assessment will allow me to see any holes that may need filled prior to ISTEP testing in the spring.


Please see the attached Fizz of Coake for next week’s assignments and challenge word.


Thank you for all you do to support the learning of your children!! Have a fantastic weekend!


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