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Subject: 6-Ms. Coake's Class Message
Date: February 20th 2018

Happy Tuesday!


I hope all are enjoying this near 80 degree day in February! 


Starting tomorrow, we will begin our formal ISTEP practice test. As a class, we will go through the test and complete the practice problems for each section: English Language Arts, Math, and Science. This allows time to ensure all know how to navigate and fully utilize the available online tools accessible within each section as well as time to discuss strategies to use when approaching each type of question and how to properly answer each.


The official ISTEP testing window starts next week. This year, all ISTEP tests for 6th grade will be online. We will start promptly at 9:40 am with tests lasting between 30-55 minutes each of the following days:


  • Thursday, March 1st 
  • Friday, March 2nd
  • Monday, March 5th
  • Tuesday, March 6th

During the testing window, Feb. 26-March 9, we are asking that all Chromebooks stay at school as no homework will be assigned during these two weeks. 


Thank you for helping ensure good attendance, health, and happiness during this important time of year!


Have a wonderful evening,

~Ms. Coake

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