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Subject: 5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message
Date: April 20th 2018

SHHH….. It’s a surprise for you child.   I hope you can all help to make this happen.


Dear Parents,


I’d like to add some fun surprises to your child’s ISTEP daily treats.  I need your help for two of them to happen.   I need a copy of a baby picture of your child with the message: “You got this baby!” on it.  In addition to that, for another day, if you could write an inspirational quote and a short message to your child about how you believe in them in general, not necessarily focused on testing.  I will leave these on their desks along with a treat that coordinates with the message. We begin ISTEP next Wednesday, so to give you time to get this together, I will give these notes out the following week or late next week (Friday).


You can email me the photo and letter, and I will print it out, or you can send it in with your child in an envelope so that they do not know what it is.


So, to sum up what I need from you:

  • Baby photo with a message: You got this, baby!

  • A short letter with an inspirational quote.


Options for sending it in:

  • Email

  • Sealed Envelope


In addition, please let me know if you would be willing to send in any of the following treats:

  • Smart Water

  • Little Oranges (Halos)

  • Mini donuts

  • Baby bottle candy

  • Rocks (actual rocks to write on)

  • Already popped popcorn

  • Mints (Lifesaver)


I appreciate all of you.


Let me know how it’s going with the photo/letter project.


Thanks again,


Ms. Dorsel


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