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Date: August 21st 2017

Hello Parents,


We had another great week last week.  Students were busy constructing demonstrations of the Solar Eclipse.  They will show their demonstration to the class today.

They also finished their price compare and contrast decimal project for eating out vs. eating at home.  We continue to have a great year.


All fifth graders were assigned their Chromebooks last week.  We continue to work our way through the 21 Day Chromebook lessons.   We will begin using them as part of our instruction in class this week.

When you registered your child to either return to Mary Castle last Spring or you enrolled for the first time this year, one of the online forms that you needed to fill out was the permission slip for your child to be able to take home a Chromebook.  If we don’t have a formed filled out for your child, we will be contacting you.  


We are very excited to have this resource available for our students.

This week in Ms. Dorsel’s Classroom:



Dividing Fractions using representations and real world problem solving.  A great way to practice this skill at home is to use a recipe and decide how much of each ingredient is needed per person.  Do you have a family recipe that you would like to make with your child? It is always fun to cook together.



We continue enjoying Night of the Spadefoot Toads. This week we concentrate on Theme or a lesson that is not specific to the book but can be applied to life. This will correlate with our writing assignment as well. We will do a fun activity where students have to hypothesis about how a character might react to a given challenge, for example: How might Cinderella react if she won a million dollars?



We began writing a This I Believe Essay last week.  Students are organizing their thoughts and writing an essay this week.  To help at home you could tell about a belief that you have and connect it with a personal story.  An example would be: I believe in being kind to all people. I remember a time when…

Stay tuned… we may be inviting you in to hear their speeches.


Science/Social Studies


We had a great time learning about the solar Eclipse and watching it Live Stream from NASA!

Students demonstrated their knowledge of the Eclipse with demonstrations using vocabulary like; Path of Totality and Umbra.

We will begin learning about the Ice Bridge and Early Peoples in Social Studies this week.


Monday: Eclipse Reading (Due by Wednesday), Monday Math Review( Due tomorrow)

Tuesday: Math Skill Sheet, Read 30 Minutes, Finish 2 parts of the This I Believe Essay if not

    finished in class. (Personal Story connecting with thought, Support for the statement).

Wednesday: Math Skill Sheet, Read 30 minutes

Thursday: Math Skill Sheet, Read 30 minutes


Important Dates:

Aug. 22nd     PFO Kick-Off Meeting, 7pm


Aug. 23rd     Footloose Auditions,

grades 3-8 @ LNHS Auditorium, 4pm


Aug. 30th-31st Health Ed Pros


Aug. 31st     Back-to-School Night,

grade 1-6, 6-7:30pm


Sept. 1st      School Pictures

Do you know what T.R.O.T. means?


T - Take charge of your learning

R - Respect others and the learning environment

O - Own responsibility

T - Think safely


Ask your child about the Safe School Talk given by Mr. Blythe this week.

Please contact me with any questions. 
Thank you, 
Ms. Dorsel

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