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Subject: 5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message
Date: February 21st 2018

Dear Parents, 

Our class is excited about the Portillo's Fund Raiser Tonight.  We choose a time that most students thought they would be available.  I will plan to be there at 6 and hope to see you there.  It will be great to see you all there as a fun get together. 

I just want to say thank you again for your wonderful children.  They are such a kind family of students.  It is a warm, supportive environment each day in our room as well as a productive, happy, energetic place to learn.  They were just featured at a district leadership training for their excellence in showing higher level thinking and owning their learning.  Thank you for your support at home. 

Our class will be leading an Anti-Bully Rally coming soon.  We are choosing a date.  Last time I headed up the project we had songs, dances and skits that all showcased being kind to one another, believing in yourself, being a good friend or have an overall positive message.  We also had speakers come in with a message of being kind.  If you know of someone who could be our speaker this year, please send me their contact information.   

Students should be bringing in an item for their African American Project.  Each student has selected an "Unsung Hero" for their project. They are choosing items that represent the person and creating note cards to explain the item and the significance of it as it relates to the person and how they made a significant contribution to our world today. 

Math: Review of 5th grade skills (Units of Measurement and Converting Units of measurement). 

Reading: Making Inferences, Quoting the text, Using the RACE Strategy for answering questions fully with relevant details. 

Writing: Types of Writing: Organizing your writing, adding details and content

Social Studies: African American Projects. 


Wednesday: Finish Writing, Practice Buddy 11-1

Thursday: Practice Buddy, read (all students should be finished with their historical fiction books). 

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about anything.  I always welcome open communication.

Maria Dorsel

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