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News for the Week of December 17th

Sent December 16th 2018

Well, we've made it to the end of the first semester!  It has flown by! This week we will be doing STEM activities as we learn about Winter Holidays Around the World.  Each day the class will rotate to another first grade teacher to learn about another country and their holiday traditions.  Countries we are learning about include France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Israel.   On Thursday we will have a brief winter celebration and fun. This week will also be Spirit Week. ...

news for week of December 3rd

Sent December 2nd 2018

Good evening!  I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week our Spelling words all have soft c or soft g.  In Math we will be working on counting coins.  This is a skill that is often difficult so if possible please have your child count some coins at home too.  We will start off counting groups of like coins--all nickels, all dimes, etc.  Then we will work on counting mixed groups of coins.  We count ALL coins.   In Reading we will be working on written comprehension.  ...

news for the week of November 26th

Sent November 26th 2018

Good evening!  I hope everyone is staying warm.  This week we will have spelling words with qu or x in them.   Friday night is our next MEC PFO Movie Night.  The flyers went home today.  You may send in your reservations for Movie Night and vote for the movie to be shown.  It is from 6:15-8:15pm Friday night (11/30/18). Congratulations to Zoe, Bradyn, and JaVon for mastering all of their addition and subtraction facts.  They are now working on multiplication. Our Scholastic Bo...

news for the week of November 12th

Sent November 11th 2018

Good evening!  Congratulations to Nurham for finishing Lexia.  He has completed all levels of the program.  Congratulations to Caden for mastering all 26 levels of addition and subtraction facts.  What great accomplishments! As Mr. Blythe mentioned in his weekly message, please make sure your child has a warm coat, gloves, and hats/hoods for recess.  We love to go outside and enjoy the fresh air but it is definitely cold outside. The following information is about our upcoming events this wee...

news for the week of October 29

Sent October 28th 2018

Good evening!  This week wraps up Socktober.  Our class has donated 57 pairs of socks and the school is at 900 pairs of socks so far.  The MEC school goal is 1,000 pairs so we are doing really well. On Wednesday, students may dress up as their favorite story book character with a donation of $1 to the United Way.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures on Wednesday. Friday is Global Games so more information will be coming home about this fundraiser/event from PFO. Here is some information abo...

news for week of Oct. 15

Sent October 15th 2018

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a restful and wonderful break.  The students were excited to see their friends today. This week our Spelling words all have l-blends in them.  In Reading we are working on key details, main idea, and reviewing nonfiction text features.  Ask your student about playing Kahoot today. In STEM we are working on addition of 3 digit numbers with regrouping and will be doing a lot of candy STEM activities. Socktober is going on now too.  It's a service project ...

news for week of October 1st

Sent September 30th 2018

Good afternoon!  It's almost Fall Break!  This week our Spelling words all have initial s blends.  In Reading we will be working on identifying main idea and details and starting nonfiction text features. In Math we are working on addition with regrouping to 100.  Please continue working on Math facts at home so that this process will be easier for your student. Please remind your student to return their library books by Tuesday. On Friday we had a great day learning about apples and Johnny A...

news for week of September 24

Sent September 24th 2018

Good evening!  Here are the highlights for this week.  Spelling words are short u and y as i.  Your student should have their list with them tonight. Our main text for the week is Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox.  We are working on main idea and details.  The vocabulary words that we are focusing on are:  admire, gently, precious, errands, speckled, and memory. We are working on addition within 100.  We will soon be working on 2 digit addition with carrying/regrouping.&...

news for week of September 17

Sent September 16th 2018

Good evening!  I look forward to meeting with most of you tomorrow for our parent teacher conferences.  Thank you to those who met with me last week.   Please remind your student to bring library books back on Tuesday.  Also, there's no Spelling this week due to the shortened week. I am attaching our newsletter.  Have a great week!  Mrs. Frieze ...

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Sent August 30th 2018

Good evening!  Just a few quick notes. . Please remind your student to return their spelling cards tomorrow.  Also, library books are due back on Tuesday. Our Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming up.  Please use the following link to sign up for a time.  http://signup.com/go/FYHDesk I hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend!  Thanks!  Mrs. Frieze ...

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