Spirit wear, Hearing & vision Screening, and Math test

From: "1-Mrs. Frieze’s Class" <stacyfrieze@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: Spirit wear, Hearing & vision Screening, and Math test
Date: September 21st 2017

Good afternoon!  If you ordered spirit wear from the PFO it arrived today.  It will be coming home with your child.  Today we had our vision and hearing screening.  If there were any irregularities you will receive a note from the Marion County Health Department and/or our nurse.

We took our Addition and Subtraction test yesterday.  The students worked really hard and their scores reflect that.  I'm very proud of them.  The tests are coming home today.

Thank you to those of you who signed up to get us some supplies from the Bloomz app.  I really appreciate it.  We will be writing a postcard to a classroom in all the other states and Washington DC.  In turn, we will receive postcards from all of the states and DC.  This will be fun and help us learn more about our country and its states.  If you are interested in supplying some Indiana postcards for this, please sign up on the Bloomz app.

If you have sent in money for Movie Night that has been given to PFO.  Please do not be alarmed if you have not received tickets yet.  They have your names, information, and money and will make sure it gets taken care of.

Also, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of kids wanting to take their flashcards tests.  Thanks for working on those at home!  I can really tell a difference in the students' confidence when they are doing similar problems.

Well, I think that's all of the news for now!  Have a great rest of the day!  Mrs. Frieze

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