news for week of December 3rd

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Subject: news for week of December 3rd
Date: December 2nd 2018

Good evening!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.

This week our Spelling words all have soft c or soft g.  In Math we will be working on counting coins.  This is a skill that is often difficult so if possible please have your child count some coins at home too.  We will start off counting groups of like coins--all nickels, all dimes, etc.  Then we will work on counting mixed groups of coins.  We count ALL coins.  

In Reading we will be working on written comprehension.  We will be using the RACE strategy.  Look for more on this coming home soon.

The Book Fair is this week.  Students may shop Monday-Thursday.  Your child created a Wish List on Friday.  The Scholastic Book Fair is at Mary Castle from Dec. 3rd - 6th. Students will shop during their weekly media center time. Students can also purchase items from 7:35-8:00am this week. We are still in need of parent volunteers to assist. Please sign up here!

I will also begin MOY assessments on Star Reading and Math this week.  I will be generating the reports to send home with your child next week.  This will give us a lot of information about your child's progress so far in first grade.

Our newsletter is attached.  It covers the rest of the semester.  Thanks!  Mrs. Frieze

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