news for Week of February 19th

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Subject: news for Week of February 19th
Date: February 25th 2018

Good evening!  It's hard to believe that March starts this week.  It looks like the warmer temperatures are here for a bit so I'll take it.  Outside Recess Finally!!!

This week our mentor text is Henry's Freedom Box.  The vocabulary words are:  soar, warehouse, bittersweet, beckoned, steamboat, burst.

Our spelling words are words with oi or oy.  

In Math we will be finishing up 3 digit addition to 1,000 and begin subtraction up to 1,000.

We will have a Pennies for Patients assembly on Thursday afternoon.  This is a fundraiser that we do to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Your child will bring home a collection box and information at the end of the week.  Our collection period is from March 5-March 23rd.

Have a great week!  Mrs. Frieze

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