news for week of April 16th

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Subject: news for week of April 16th
Date: April 15th 2018

Good evening!  Here are the highlights for this week.  In Reading we are continuing to learn about the environment and Earth Day.  Our vocabulary words for the week are:  citizen, pollution, bash, sorted, incinerator, landfill, frenzy, and timid.

In Math we are working on data and graphing.
In Writing we are working on opinion writing and starting our poetry unit.
Please remind your child to return his/her library books.  All library books must be turned in by May 10th.  
Tuesday, April 17th is the MEC PFO Night at Culvers on East 96th Street from 5-8pm.
Our Fire Station field trip is next week on Wednesday, April 25th.  Look for more information to come home this week about it.  
Congratulations to Harley for mastering her addition and subtraction facts.  She is now multiplying.  Way to go!
Please encourage your child to work on Lexia.  We will have a pizza party if we all make the goal of Level 10 or above.  We are getting really close to achieving this goal.
Congratulations on helping our class raise the most money for Pennies for Patients.  Our class has earned a catered lunch from the Olive Garden for this achievement.  I will let you know when that lunch will be.
On Friday, our class had a donut treat for being finalists in the Perfect Attendance challenge for the month of March.  We will also have 10 minutes of extra recess each day this week as part of our prize.
Thanks and have a great week!  Our newsletter is attached.  Mrs. Frieze

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