news for week of December 11

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Subject: news for week of December 11
Date: December 10th 2017

Good evening!  This week we will have our last Spelling test of the semester.  Our skill is silent e with /o-e/ and /u-e/.  On Wednesday we will have a test over subtraction with regrouping.  We will do a practice test together and it will be sent home to study for the test.  We will also be working on writing short answers to questions using RACE.  R--restate the question A--answer all parts of the question C--cite evidence E--explain your evidence.  We will be using this procedure for most answers from now on.  We will be reading versions of fairy tales from different cultures to compare and contrast them.  

Please continue encouraging your child to work on Lexia and Dreambox.  They are making great progress.  Several students also worked on flashcards last week so please keep practicing the facts even during break.

On Thursday we will have our Donut Party from the Sock-vember Drive.  :-)

On Friday we will work with our 6th grade buddies in Ms. Tippmann's class.  

Spirit Week starts on Monday, December 18th.  I am attaching a sheet that lists the themes for each day.  

Thanks and have a great evening!  Mrs. Frieze

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