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Date: January 25th 2018

Hello !

We have been very busy in our classroom! Between making up for lost time during snow days, and assessing, we are always on the move! I have been busy giving the students their DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment) and STAR reading assessment. I will send home a report next week about your child's current reading level.  As we start the second semester, in our journey to second grade, I would like to ask you to work with your child each evening on the following:

  • READ READ READ.  Reading daily is the single best way to grow in a reading level. Please read each evening with your child for 15-20 minutes. I will be encouraging the students to bring home their bags of books to read with you. I do not want to send home reading logs, as I believe that can become cumbersome and make it feel more like "work" and less like "reading for joy". But I ask that you do read each night with your child.
  • MATH FACTS:  We are beginning a difficult unit of study in math: PLACE VALUE.  Students need to know their addition and subtraction facts with automaticity. 5-10 minutes each night will do WONDERS in helping them master their facts.

Thank you to those of you encourage your children to do Lexia at home! This, too, is a great program that encourages students to work on skills at their level. The excitement in the room when a friend masters a level is SO precious! Everyone celebrates!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Goodwin

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