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Date: April 16th 2018

Hello!  We have a few items on the horizon that I want to be sure you are aware of! :)

  • Wednesday, April 25 is our first grade field trip to the firehouse! We will not be needing chaperones on this trip, but we are excited to tour the firehouse and learn how these brave men and women keep our community safe!
  • STEM:  Our class is in need of paper towel and toilet paper rolls, as well as empty water bottles, for a project that the students will be doing in May. If you have these items, or could save them and send them in, Mrs. Donnenhoffer would greatly appreciate it!

Tomorrow night, Tuesday April 17, is Mary Castle Night at Culvers! Please join us at Culvers on 96th street , and enjoy some good food and conversation, and help our school earn money at the same time!

Attendance is CRITICAL. PLEASE have your child here every day, on time, unless he or she is ill. SO much is missed by being late, and the students can sometimes feel the anxiety in trying to catch up, even at this young age. Group work is going on, lessons are occuring, small group work is happening, and even being a few minutes late can set a child back for the work that lies ahead that day. THANK YOU in making sure your child is here and ready to go NO LATER than 8:00. By demonstrating that school is a priority at home, you are setting your child up to be a lifetime learner and lover of school.

Have a wonderful week, and I hope to see you at Culvers tomorrow night :)

Mrs. Goodwin


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