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Date: September 29th 2017

Hello Families! I hope this is finding you well on this beautiful Fall day!

SO much is happening these days in room 104. Here is a quick snapshot of what we are learning:

  • In Reading, we are learning strategies for sounding out unknown words. We are also working on character, plot, and setting in a story..the "who, what and where".  When you are reading with your child, talk about these important story elements to help aid in their comprehension of the story.
  • In Math, we have been working on strategies for solving addition problems. The students have learned how to use a number line, manipulatives, and count on in their heads. However, math facts need to be learned so that automaticity is present. Please work with your child on math facts with sums through 20 at home. Flash cards can be purchased at any dollar store, and 5 minutes a night will do wonders in helping your child memorize his or her facts. Next week, we being subtraction!

Your child should have brought home an envelope and some information yesterday about our PFO fundraiser, The Global Games. These games will be held next Thursday, and the students will get to participate in games from all around the world. Because this is also a major fundraiser for our school, we ask that each child contributes a minumum of $1.00, or more if possible!  Collect the money in the brown envelope ...it's as easy as that! Should you have any questions, please let me know, but the orange flyer that came home with the envelope explains it all pretty well. There are many chances for prizes too! :)

Speaking of our PFO.....Our Parent Faculty Organization does amazing things for the MC staff and students. But they need many, many more people to become a part of this team! Meetings are once a month, and there are SO MANY opportunities for volunteerism! Please consider checking out this possibility as a way to help our school!

I am off to Movie Night! I look forward to seeing many of your children there! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Goodwin

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