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Date: August 18th 2017

Hello and Happy Friday!

We have had a FANTASTIC week in our classroom! We have hit the ground running with our academics, and I am sure your children are coming home exhausted. This is one of the primary reasons we don't assign homework in first grade. We feel that we work them very hard for 7 hours each day, and when they go home, we hope that they relax, refresh, read and rejuvenate!  Soon I will be sending home Lexia Login information, and that will be a way that your child can get in some reading skills at home. Of course, reading to and with your child is ALWAYS expected .

I hope you will be able to join us tonight at the Mary Castle Family picnic! Bring a blanket, a picnic , and a little money for a Kona Ice, and be ready for a wonderful time on our playground~!

Please be sure your child is at school on time. He or she really misses a lot if they arrive after 8:00.

Mark your calendars for some important dates! Thursday, August 31 is Back To School Night! More information will be coming soon on specific times . This is a wonderful evening packed with information about your child's first grade experience! And Monday September 18 are Parent Teacher Conferences. I will send a note home closer to that date, so that you can schedule a convenient time for us to meet.

First grade is challenging, full of hard work and focus time. We have a large class, and our expectations are very important in assuring that all students are learning and being respectful of our learning environment. It is helpful when parents truly support this as well. As I have made a few phone calls this year (and hope to call everyone by the end of next week! :) ) I have been soooo appreciative of the support and input I have received regarding your children. THANK you for being my partner in your child's education!

Have an amazing weekend, and I hope to see you at the picnic tonight!

Fondly, Mrs. Goodwin


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