Happy Summer!

From: "4-Mrs. Lancaster's Class" <sharonlancaster@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: Happy Summer!
Date: May 30th 2018

What a great year! I will miss this group of kiddos! We went through a lot together this year, and instead of letting it break us, we grew stronger-individually and together. I will never forget this class. I hope you all have an amazing summer full of new memories and lots of love. 

Your student has my email and I told them they can contact me whenever! They can send pictures from trips, tell me about what they're reading, or just update me on life. smiley

The class asked that I share the pictures from this school year, and I just did. Let them know that I shared it with their school Google account. They'll have to access it either through Google Photos OR going to their school Google email and opening the email that says I shared an album with them. Have fun looking through them!

Sharon Lancaster

4th Grade Teacher

Mary Castle Elementary





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