This Week's Absence

From: "4-Mrs. Lancaster's Class" <>
Subject: This Week's Absence
Date: October 4th 2017

Good morning families,

At some point today, tomorrow, or Friday, the following letter will be read to your students. I wanted you to also hear it from me, and be prepared to answer any questions your student may have.

Boys and Girls,

I miss you so much. I'm sorry I cannot be with you this week. 

As you know, Monday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment to find out our baby's gender. Unfortunately, we found out our baby had passed away and is in heaven now. Mr. Lancaster and I are very sad, and it's okay if you feel sad too.

Our baby was a little girl. We named her Josie Rose. 

Sometimes sad things happen in life, but we will get through this. I am lucky enough to have the best students, who I know will make this school year great, despite hard times.

While I'm out this week, work hard and make me proud! I'll be thinking of you often.

All my love,
Mrs. Lancaster


I will be at the hospital today and tomorrow, as I have to be induced. I will try and answer any emails or questions you have Friday. Prayers are appreciated.

-Sharon Lancaster

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