Book Fair Volunteers

From: "1-Ms. Landers" <>
Subject: Book Fair Volunteers
Date: April 4th 2018

Good evening,

The spring book fair is right around the corner, and the PFO needs your help. In order to have the book fair open for students to shop, they need parent volunteers to come in and help. If you are interested in helping out during the book fair, please follow the link below. The book fair will be open starting Monday 4/9.

The link can be found of the MEC PFO web page at


The direct link is

Our class will have a preview day on Tuesday to see what books they are interested in buying. This will give you a good idea of how much money to send in with them. I will also have a wish list available at the book fair. The kids always love to go to the book fair and shop, and secretly I do too!

Thank you,

Regan Landers


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