Week of September 25th

From: "4-Mrs. McDonough's Class" <kristinmcdonough@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: Week of September 25th
Date: September 24th 2017

Good Morning Parents and Friends, 

A special THANKS to all who attended parent teacher conferences last week! It is so important to keep open lines of communication between the classroom and home. I am so thankful to work with you and your children on a daily basis.  

News for the week:

  • Your student has one week left to take charge of their learning and pass 2 quizzes for September's reading challenge! The quiz software is up and running, so please encourage your child to read this week! After they complete a just right book, they will take a quiz at school. Each quiz that is passed with an 80% or higher will count towards the challenge. There is no better way to get students excited about reading than NEW BOOKS! Friday the Scholastic book flyers were sent home. There is something for every reader! Our classroom is able to earn FREE BOOKS with every parent purchase. You can visit https://clubs.scholastic.com/ to order online. Be sure to use our class code: NF4HP so we can redeem free books! You may also send a check (made out to Scholastic) with your child . NO CASH PLEASE.  
  • Movie night will be held at Mary Castle this Friday, September 29th for grades 1-4. 
  • Monday, September 25th will be our unit reading test over the book "Mary Anning". Your students have been working diligently on comparing/contrasting, vocabulary, setting, and overall reading comprehension. 
  • This week we will begin studying multiplication facts 0-12.  It is critical that your student practices every night at home in order to reach mastery.
  • It would be greatly appreciated if your student could work on Lexia and/or Dreambox at home throughout the week. Even ten minutes a night would help your student progress through levels and lessons. Each student is responsible for at least 5 dreambox lessons per week, and meeting their Lexia minute goal (these goals differ from student to student). 


  • Math: We will be finishing up adding/subtracting multi-digit numbers this week. We will continue to work on story problems as we begin our new multiplication unit towards the end of the week. Look for your child's addition and subtraction quizzes to come home this week in their blue take home folder. 
  • Reading: Last week we began reading the novel "Esperanza Rising" as a class. We will be tying this novel in to Hispanic Heritage Month and working non-fiction reading skills.
  • Writing: We have worked very hard on writing a paragraph that focuses on one topic. This week we will explore editing and revising to make our writing stronger.
  • Science: We will begin looking at plant and animal life on Earth.  


As always, please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. I am looking forward to a terrific week with your students!

Kristin McDonough




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