testing begins tomorrow

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Subject: testing begins tomorrow
Date: April 23rd 2019

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

        Fourth Graders will begin testing tomorrow, Wednesday April 24th.  We will be testing in the mornings, beginning promptly at 8:15.  Each test is quite lengthy, so we are planning on reserving the entire morning for testing.

Dates:  Wednesday, April 24th through Thursday, May 2nd (7 days of testing)

                   8:15 – 10:45 (approx.)

To make for a comfortable testing environment, please make sure:

·       Your child gets plenty of rest each night.

·       Send a water bottle or water container with a tight lid

·       Your child eats a healthy breakfast

·         Your child brings a healthy snack.  This is optional. (no chips, candy, Takis, etc)                                    

·       Your child wears a warm and comfy jacket as an added layer of warmth.  The air conditioning is on and it can get quite cold.

       Our kiddos are ready for this test!  They will do great!  You can be the cheerleader at home and remind your child that he/she is ready for it!

      Thanks so much for your help and support!  Remember, we will be testing for the rest of this week and through Thursday of next week. If you have not done so yet, please write your child a quick note of encouragement. They really enjoy reading your notes and messages! 

      Let me know if you have any questions!

                                                                           Ms. McDonough


P.S. No Homework during testing!    J

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