Week of December 1th

From: "4-Mrs. McDonough's Class" <kristinmcdonough@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: Week of December 1th
Date: December 12th 2017

Good Afternoon Families! 

It is hard to believe the end of 2017 is quickly approaching! We have so much to be proud of in our classroom!  We have grown as readers, mathematicians, teammates, and so much more! With just 8 school days left before winter break, it would be a great time to check your child's grades on skyward. Please contact me with any questions, or how to access grades. I will accept any missing or late assignments until Thursday, December 21st. 

Just a friendly reminder that your student should be completing 30 minutes of reading each night, in addition to the 20 minutes of independent reading here at school. This will help them meet their monthly reading goal of 2 books per month. Your student is required to pass 2 accelerated reader quizzes each month with an 80% or higher for the book to count towards the challenge. As an added bonus, your child can earn free trips to Skyzone, as well as free personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut! Remember, Readers are Leaders! 

I am so proud of the progress our class has made in both multiplication and division! Your students have shown so much perseverance while learning these new skills. Your student should be practicing multiplication facts for a minimum of 10 minutes each evening. Each child made a set of flashcards that they should be bringing home to practice. There are also several apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone and/or tablet. Students will not be allowed to use multiplication charts when we return from winter break as we prepare for state standardized tests. 

Please send in Pop Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House! In the month of December, Global Leadership is working on STEM projects that we can give the kids who are staying at Riley Hospital. We are also collecting pop tabs which help pay for families to stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their kids are in the hospital.  Please send in pop tabs by Thursday, December 21.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Kristin McDonough


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