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Date: March 8th 2019

Perdue Press

Academic Updates:

February was spent giving many mid year assessments.  Students were given 2 online assessments given throughout the district and they did amazing!  The expected growth on Early Star was 40 points and our average was +141!  Star Math showed the same type of growth with the average growth was +119.  I am super proud of their hard work.  Our goal for reading in first grade is deepening comprehension.  We continue to focus on this skill as we look for text evidence to answer questions.  Word work has us learning about synonyms, adjectives, and adjectives.  We are working on opinion writing and learning how we share our opinions with our peers.   Many of them are increasing their level on LEXIA.  The goal for the end of the first grade is level 9. 

We wrapped up our place value unit as we worked on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers.  We have now shifted to measurement.  The standard for first grade is non-standard units of measure so we will explore with many different tools to measure a variety of tools. The standard has us compare and order objects according to length, area, capacity, weight, and temperature. 

We have also enjoyed learning about many famous African-Americans and women that have changed the world by following their dreams.  Please ask your child about some of the many people we have studied. 
Keep up the great effort Room 105!  

Big Brother

Congrats to Dezmen on becoming a big brother last week!  I am sure he will be an amazing big brother!

Field Trip to the Oaklandon Fire Station

Mary Castle will visit the Oaklandon Fire Station on April 4th.   Your child brought home a permission slip so please make sure they return it so they can join us for this field trip.  Many thanks to the Lawrence Township Foundation as they make this trip possible for all first graders in our district.

Spring Picture Day

Thursday, March 14th, will be spring picture day.  These pictures will ONLY be taken if you turn in an order.  

Mary Castle Book Fair

Mary Castle will be hosting another book fair the week of April 8th.  The students brought home a flyer featuring some of the books that will be for sale in the library during the book fair.  

Library Reminder

Please help your child to remember to return library books on Tuesdays.  They cannot check out new books if they don't return their books each week.  

Pennies for Patients

Mary Castle is helping to find a cure for blood cancer.  The students have been encouraged to collect spare change and join the super heroes fighting cancer.  Thanks in advance for your donations!


Please help your child clean out their blue folders.  Many of them have items that have been in the folder for weeks!  It makes it difficult for them to keep organized when they are full.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Please let me know if  you have questions or concerns @ Amandaperdue@msdlt.k12.in.us or 317-964-4600.

Have a super weekend!

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