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Date: January 18th 2019

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We are back in the swing after reviewing procedures last week and adjusting to our schedule again.  I spent this week meeting with each child doing a reading evaluation. I am super proud of the growth made by many of the students.  This week in reading we have been focusing on comprehension and answering with details about stories we read in class.  Next week we are switching gears to Non-fiction and focusing on key details in Non-fiction.  We are also doing a lot of practice on finding the answers in the text.  Our writing is also a focus as we talk about topic sentence and key details to support the topic sentence.  Spelling will also move in a different directions with some word families and 2 bonus words.  I will dictate a sentence to them using spelling words on our weekly test as well.


This week in math we wrapped up fractions.  Next week we will return to place value by learning about 10 more, 10 less using base 10 blocks.  We will then transition into 2 digit addition.  We will always keep math facts a focus but will do this in addition to our place value unit of study  We are picking up the pace and need all students to be “school ready” so they can be focused on the learning.  We are focused on being ready for 2nd grade! 

Keep up the great work Room 105!


Global Trotter Award for 2nd Quarter


Congratulations to our 2nd quarter Globe Trotter award winners:

Aralynn Bowen


Alaya Stevenson

Super job ladies on always following the trot guidelines!


High Ability Testing


Parents in first grade can follow this link if they would like their child to be considered for the High Ability program.  Testing is set up and takes place at our administration building. Registration takes place until January 25th



Mary Castle Pacer Night

Pacers Tickets: MEC participates in the Pacers Tickets fundraiser every year. A portion of every ticket sold helps our school earn money. This money can be used to fund projects and initiatives for students and staff at MEC. Your child brought home the order form the week before winter break. Please consider purchasing discounted tickets for your family or asking friends, family members, or coworkers to purchase tickets as well. The MEC night is Tuesday, March 5th where the Pacers will face the Chicago Bulls. It should be a night full of fun and excitement. Thank you for supporting MEC!


I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Be safe and stay warm.  As always, let me know if you have questions or concerns. 





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