International Festival

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Subject: International Festival
Date: May 4th 2018

Kelley Mesterharm, your MEC PFO President this past school year, asked that I share with you some details about the upcoming International Festival Friday, May 18th 6:30-8:30.
The festival is a celebration of our learning where we play games, do crafts, listen to music, enjoy dining together and showcase student work and activities. The festival is always a little different each year depending on the parents who have stepped up to put on the show, so to speak, and the surprise is always fun.
Something new this year…
Admission Is Free.
Yes, you read that right.
In addition to Globetrotting around our world to check out all the amazing learning, Bongo Boy is hosting a drum circle. There will be games to play and raffle prizes to win. We plan on lighting and releasing over 100 Chinese Lanterns which will be quite a beautiful sight. An order form to pre-purchase food, lanterns, raffle tickets and game tokens is headed home next week.
With the date of the Festival right around the corner, there are three ways you can help us ensure we are ready for the big night:
1.  VOLUNTEER Sign up to Volunteer the night of the event.
·   I’ve set up spots that are either running a game, keeping order or serving food for short period. There’s a spot just for you. You might even some free tokens.
·   Choose your spot and time online
2.  PROVIDE DONATIONS Donate raffle prizes, the food we are serving, game prizes, build a game or help a class get ready.
·   YES! Still in desperate need
·   We are looking for everything from a simple or book to gift cards or weekend get-a-ways.
·   Fill up the Grade Level Baskets. Each grade has a theme, and students donate items or make a cash donation to make a basket. Give items for any grade level!
Grade Level Basket Themes:
1st Gr Family Night (games, toy store gift cards, puzzles, books, etc.)
2nd Gr Kid Chef (utensils, cookbooks, spices, cookie cutters, fun mixes, etc.)
3rd Gr Arts & Crafts Time (markers, crayons, glue, construction paper, stickers, craft kits, etc.)
4th Gr Science Fun (experiment kits, games, puzzles, goggles, glow in the dark, lab coat, etc.)
5th Gr All Sports (balls, Frisbees, water bottles, goalie gloves, sunglasses, tickets, gift cards, etc.)
6th Gr Team Spirit (Colts, Fever, Pacers, Fuel, Indy Eleven, MEC Globetrotters gear and swag, etc.)
·      Order food, lanterns & raffle tickets in advance.
·      Look for the order form coming home in the next couple of days.
·      Floating Chinese Lanterns sell out fast.  They are $5 for one and $4 for 2 or more.
Clear your calendar and get ready to celebrate Friday May18th, 6:30-8:30 pm

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