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Date: September 19th 2017

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the 2017 Parent Teacher Conferences! 

Email Difficulties....

Several families had difficulty reaching me via email.  Some have never successfully emailed me and some found success in a hit or miss fashion.  MSDLT had difficulty with my tech profile which included email.  At one point they erased my profile and rebuilt it.  Since then MSDLT has included many different spellings of my name, an incorrect email address previously publicized, etc in my profile.  This will direct all the emails to my correct email address.  Please cut and copy my email address,  (, if you have had difficulty reaching me.  I have responded to and will respond to each email I receive from a parent or guardian.

Room 604 Daily Habits.... 

1.  Math homework  M-Th

2.  Monday blue folders will start to go home each Monday with pertinent MEC news.

3.  Students should read M-Th.  The suggested reading time is 30 min.  Sidenote... The #1 indicator of a student's academic success is the amount of time a student spends reading.  Although we learn and practice reading skills in the classroom, the best way to improve your child's reading/comprehension skills is to have them read leisurely at home each day.

4.  Students will need to read 24 books by the end of their 6th grade year.  Grades will be given for reading their 12th book by the end of the 2nd quarter.  Students take AR quizzes after they read each book.  If the book is not listed in the system, I will conduct a book interview with the student.  Students must submit their books to me prior to our book interview.  Please support your child as he/she learns to manage their time and deadlines.  Students will receive regular reminders throughout the semester.  We are practicing responsibility. 

Current Subject Focus.... 

Reading - Main Idea & Supporting Detail.  A great way to reinforce the content learned & practiced at school is to incorporate it into your everyday conversations.  For example... when asking your child how their sport practice was that day, request your child provide you with the main idea and 3 most important details to support the main idea.  Practice was great today.  1. The coach asked me to show the team xx.  2.  The team congratulated me for doing the challenge.  3. Our team was finally able to beat our previous time!  

Math - Coordinate plane.  Ask your child what are the differences between the coordinates of the 4 different quadrants.  Which line is the x axis? The y axis?  If you have to measure the difference between two coordinates, how do you do that (absolute value)? 

If your child does not understand a portion of the content or they have homework questions, please encourage them to write down the question and at what point they are confused or have a question.  I do not accept "I don't know" as an answer.  Assisting your child to clarify their question might help them answer their own question, understand they do know how to do part of the problem, etc.    Asking clarifying questions will be an invaluable skill for the rest of their lives.  In order to encourage the use of clarifying questions and each student's ability to address issues, I will wait to grade their answers until we meet to discuss the clarifying quesions and they have the opportunity to rework the problem the next school day.  I encourage all parents to ask students clarifying questions... "Good job getting your homework done.  What was the most difficult quesiton and why?"  "Why is the book your favorite?  Did you like it because the main character was interesting?  What were the traits of the main character?"  

Classroom Supplies Needed....

In order to support students as they grow to be more independent and responsible for their own learning, I always have a student office area.  Students are free to use tape, the stapler, hole punches, etc.  I do not want them to view these supplies as "teacher only" items.  Why should they?  I am in need of the following refills....

1. pencil cap erasers- The more the merrier!  The Dollar Store is a great place to purchase these!

2. boxes of green, purple, blue, or black pens- (I usually purchase the cheapest box at an office supply store)

3. censored old magazines - (Good Housekeeping, Parent, etc... If you work in a medical office, we will take your old issues!)


Thank you for supporting child's education! 

Ms. Tippmann 



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