Science Fair and Lawrence Township RSVP

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Subject: Science Fair and Lawrence Township RSVP
Date: April 25th 2018

Good morning families,

Just a reminder that Science Fair is tomorrow, Thursday April 26th.  Students are expected to have their projects finished when they arrive tomorrow morning.  We will NOT have any time tomorrow morning to put the finishing touches on the science fair boards.  Students are encouraged to bring any supplies they used to conduct their experiment as "props", which will add to their overall presentation.  Again, students will be judged during the day, but are expected to return to school for the evening session from 5-6PM Thursday evening.  We will announce the winning projects at the end of the evening session!  We hope to see many of you tomorrow night!

Additionally, we have switched our ISTEP testing window with 5th grade to accommodate the morning session of Science Fair.  For Thursday ONLY, 6th grade will be testing from 8:15-9:00AM so it is extremely important that students arrive on time tomorrow.  If a student comes after 8:15, he/she will have to wait in the holding room until our class is finished testing, and they will have to test alone during a make-up session.  We will resume our regular testing window of 9:40-11:00 for the remainder of the ISTEP testing schedule.  

Please see the note from Mrs. Johnson below....

Our annual Returning Student Verification Process, or RSVP, will open in Skyward Family Access on Monday, April 16th.  RSVP will verify that your student or students will be returning to MSD of Lawrence Township for the 2018-2019 school year.  Through this process, you will verify contact information and complete the required Medical, Technology and Bus Forms that will have your students up and running for next year. 

There will be several computers set up in the library for families to complete the RSVP process while at the 6th Grade Science Fair.  Thank you for your help with this matter, as it helps schools with staffing and determining proper class sizes.  

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, thanks!

Andrew Todd

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