Last Day Reminder

From: "6-Mr. Todd's Class" <>
Subject: Last Day Reminder
Date: May 24th 2017

Good Afternoon,
We are looking forward to a fun last day of school!  Fingers crossed that the rain will hold off.  Regardless of the weather we will be having our picnic at 12:00.
The 6th grade t-shirts will be passed out in the morning.  Students are welcome to bring a Sharpie or permanent marker to sign each other's shirts throught the day.
Just a reminder of our schedule:
10:00 - 6th grade awards
12:00 - picnic
1:00 - Kickball finals
2:20 - clap out
I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow!
Finally, if you have not RSVP'd for the following school year, please do so as soon as possible.  Knowing the families who plan to attend Mary Castle next year allows our school to staff each grade level appropriately.  So, if you have children who will be attending MEC next year, and you have not completed the RSVP, please follow this link, which will give you directions on how to complete this process! Thanks so much!
Mr. Todd

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