Parent-Teacher Conference Reminders

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Subject: Parent-Teacher Conference Reminders
Date: September 14th 2018

Good afternoon families,

I just wanted to remind all families that Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on Monday, September 17th, throughout the day.  Students do not have school on Monday, but I storngly encourage students to attend their conference.  So, if it is possible, please have your child attend his/her conference with you on Monday.  If there is room for improvement, it is best when the student is part of the conversation.  If the student is doing awesome, it is also nice for them to hear that in person! :) I hope to see everyone on Monday!  There will be a coloring station set up for younger siblings, so don't worry if you need to bring them along too!

Here is a link to the sign-up page if you need to double check your conference time.  I also sent home a half-sheet of paper with your scheduled time.  Please contact me if you need to reschedule, as there are many openings throughout the day.  I hope to hold 100% of the scheduled conferences!  Thanks and have an awesome extended weekend!

Andy Todd

317-340-5507 (cell)

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