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From: "2-Mrs. Young's Class" <wilmayoung@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: 2-Mrs. Young's Class Message
Date: November 6th 2017

Hello Parents,

Please read the news from Ashley Haynes, Director of Marketing and see the attached class news about our class.

First, some exciting news! May Castle students made it to the final round of the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Contest with our videos. We are competing against High School Students and we really need your vote.  If we consolidate votes, we will have more of a chance to win.  If one of our videos win, MEC will win $1,000.  

Please vote for “Be the First to Stop” as that video is in 2nd place and we need everyone to vote to bump us up to first place.  Thank you!

Every vote counts.

Here is the official notice and link to vote from the Marketing Director.

Some Mary Castle student videos were selected as finalist in the It’s My City video contest. Please share the link and encourage your communities to vote! Please vote at:



Thanks so much,

Mrs. Young

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