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3- Mrs. Jones' Third Grade News Message

Sent April 16th 2018

Good Afternoon! We start our FINAL ROUND of ISTEP on Wednesday and it lasts until next Tuesday! Attendance is super important. The tardy bell rings at 8am.  We will not have word work or homework these next two weeks because of testing.  Curriculum this week: Math: We are working on problem solving review as well as starting a math project related to our money standards. Reading: We are working on question formulating and answering with evidence Writing: We are still working on our partner...

3- Mrs. Jones' Third Grade News Message

Sent April 10th 2018

Good Morning, Parents, This week our word study word will be diphthongs! Here is our list.  Grades are current and updated on Skyward! Book fair is happening this week! Our day to visit and purchase books is Wednesday during our library time.  We are down to_ 5 school days_ before our last round of ISTEP! Our Curriculum for the week is: _Math_- We will be working on measuring length and line segments. _Reading-_ We will be analyzing character's actions throughout the text _Writing-_ We a...

3- Mrs. Jones' Third Grade News Message

Sent April 2nd 2018

Good Morning! I hope that you all had a WONDERFUL spring break! Attached is our word work list for the week.  Our Curriculum this week: Math: We will be working on money and counting a collection of bills and coins. Reading: We are continuing our natural disaster study and reading about Tsunamis this week. Our focus is Main Idea. Writing: We will be writing a narrative on the topic of natural disasters. Word Work: We will be working on compound words as well as context clue strategies fo...

3- Mrs. Jones' Third Grade News Message

Sent March 19th 2018

Good Morning! I hope that you all had a wonderful week! We will not have a spelling list this week due to a short week.  Grades are complete and up-to-date on Skyward. Please let me know if you have any questions. Finalized report cards will be available online on Thursday! Tomorrow is the Student-Staff Basketball game at 6:30pm. I hope to be there with my kiddo and see you there! Tickets are $1 before the game or $2 at the door. Our Curriculum this week: Math: We are continuing problem solving and finding mi...

Weekend News :)

Sent March 16th 2018

Good Afternoon! Every student put their best foot forward this week for IREAD! I was very proud of all of the hard work. We normally know results sometime after Spring Break.  We will be starting another writing project next week. If you could, please send in a family picture with your child. (If it is easier, you could email it to me and I can print it here). Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the "warmer" weather! (Isn't it supposed to be Spring?) :) Ashley Jones ...

3- Mrs. Jones' Third Grade News Message

Sent March 12th 2018

Good Afternoon! I sent a message through SeeSaw about this week! If you have not joined SeeSaw yet, go here: https://app.seesaw.me/s/071-542-249. Here is the message I sent through SeeSaw: Hey Families! Our first day of IREAD is done and went well! We had 100% attendance today. YAY! We will have the bulk of our testing tomorrow and Wednesday. (The long passages) With testing this week, we will not have homework or word work. I am also finalizing grades this week and report cards will be available for viewing on...

3- Mrs. Jones' Third Grade News Message

Sent March 5th 2018

Good Morning, Parents! This week we will have homework and a word work list. Our word work words are attached here. Our test at the end of the week will focus on the meaning of these synonyms and antonyms and using them correctly in sentences.  Homework this week will be: Monday and Wednesday- Math review, Tuesday and Thursday- synonym and antonym practice _Our Curriculum this week:_ Math- Equivalent Fractions and Geometry Reading- discussing and finding evidence to prove how the character's actions contr...

3- Mrs. Jones' Third Grade News Message

Sent February 26th 2018

Good Afternoon, Families, Thank you all again for sending in letters of encouragement and test taking treats. Our first day of testing went really well. Thank you for having your child to school by 8am. :) We will not have a word study list or homework this week due to testing.  All grades should be up-to-date on Skyward. Please let me know if you have any questions. We are working on a "cereal box book report" project for writing. If you could, please send in 1 cereal box with your student for their...

ISTEP Starts Monday

Sent February 23rd 2018

Happy Friday! Monday starts ISTEP testing. We will be testing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each morning. Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest and is at school on time. Every student has been working so incredibly hard and I can tell that they are going to do their personal best! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for sending in all of the testing treats. We have enough treats to last through all of our testing. (both rounds of ISTEP and IREAD!) Thank you for also sending in letters of encouragment. I w...

mid-week news!

Sent February 21st 2018

Hello Families, I hope that you all have had a great start to the week! This week we are working on multiple-meaning words. Our test on Friday will be based on the meaning of these words, not specifically spelling. On Tuesday I sent home a "top-secret" letter to each of you. If you could write your child an encouraging letter by Friday for the start of testing on Monday that would be wonderful. We are also in need of some testing treats if you'd like to send any in. I so appreciate it! Next week we have...

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