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2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent August 14th 2017

Good afternoon, Attached is the first newsletter of the year.  Please read and contact me if you have any questions.   Look for a letter coming home tomorrow as well about the class celebration for earning 10 compliments in a week.  Have a great week! Sincerely, Mrs. Kelly Borgert https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/first%20newsletter.pdf ...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent August 4th 2017

Good afternoon, We had a great first two days of second grade!  This class is amazing.  I am looking forward to a great year! Enjoy your weekend! Sincerely, Kelly Borgert ...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent May 26th 2017

Thank you so much for sharing your children with me this year!  I loved this class so much.  They were a joy!.  I hope all of you enjoy your summer with your precious children.   Sincerely, Kelly Borgert ...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent May 16th 2017

Field Day tomorrow: *STUDENTS MUST WEAR TENNIS SHOES.  If a student does not wear tennis shoes, then they will NOT be able to participate. (This is a safety concern) *Bring an extra set of clothes in a plastic bag Wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the weather outside. Also: *This is a notice to all families in the MSD of Lawrence Township that every family must complete the Returning Student Verification Process (RSVP) by *June 1st. * This process will facilitate the transition to a paperless o...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent May 1st 2017

Good afternoon, I can't believe it is May.  This is the final month of school.  May is an exciting time as we look forward to the end of second grade and becoming a third grader.  We will try to stick to our routines as much as possible.   If you have filled out the April reading log, please turn it in to school this week. Please review the attached newsletter and contact me if you have any questions. https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/may%201.pdf Sinc...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent April 17th 2017

Good Afternoon, Congratulations to Eva and Oscar for being the third quarter global citizens! A permission slip came home today for our second grade legacy field trip.  I just need the slip signed and returned by next Tuesday.  There is no fee for this trip. We have been working on creating graphs and reading them.  Tomorrow we will have a test over graphing. We will not be having a spelling list this week, since there is NO SCHOOL on Friday, April 21. In writing, the children created persuasive com...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent April 6th 2017

Dear Parents, Our class has earned our next goal of 20 compliments.  This time we voted to have a bring your favorite toy to school day.  Each child may bring one toy or game to share with the class on Friday, April 7th.  We will spend part of our day sharing our favorites with each other.  Please do not send in any valuable electronic games.  Thank you, Kelly Borgert ...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent March 9th 2017

Good afternoon, The class enjoyed our hands on activity to learn about pints and cups today.  We measured and made homemade chex mix in the crockpot.  Thought I would share the recipe we used in case they ask you about it.  I left out peanuts and wheat chex, but used all the other ingredients.  The link is below. https://snapguide.com/guides/make-homemade-chex-mix-in-the-crockpot/ Tomorrow is spirit day!  Wear blue, green, or Mary Castle colors. Sincerely, Kelly Borgert ...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent February 27th 2017

Good afternoon, I hope everyone is doing well.  Attached is the newsletter.  Some highlights: remember to return your reading log this week and ask your child about their fourth grade buddy. I hope you all have a great week! https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/newsletter%20feb%2027%202017.pdf Sincerely, Kelly Borgert ...

2-Mrs. Borgert's Class Message

Sent February 16th 2017

Good morning, I am sure you heard we moved classrooms this week.  We are now located next to the library by the front entrance of the school.  The kids are loving our cozy new space while we wait for renovations to be made to pod 2.  In the craziness of packing and unpacking, I just realized I forgot to send home spelling words this week.  So no spelling assessment this week.   Have a wonderful long weekend! Kelly Borgert ...

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