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6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent May 23rd 2017

Here is the last list serve of the year!  Hope to Thursday, Mrs. Buhler https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/Buhler%20Update%205-23-17.pdf ...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent May 16th 2017

Just some reminders about Field Day: From Mr. Beattie:  "STUDENTS MUST WEAR TENNIS SHOES.  If a student does not wear tennis shoes, then they will NOT be able to participate. (This is a safety concern.) *Bring an extra set of clothes in a plastic bag." Finally, from me -  Tomorrow  will be hot and sunny.   Please have your child bring sunscreen and or a hat, a water bottle, and a snack for afterward because they will be starved.  Thank you, Mrs. Buhler PS - For returning L...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent May 15th 2017

Good Afternoon! This list serve message contains alot of important information pertaining to the end of the year.  Have a great day! Mrs. Buhler https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/Buhler%20Update%205-15-17.pdf ...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent May 8th 2017

Good afternoon!  Lots of  important information in my news letter this week!   Hope to see you at the International Festival this Friday! Remember tickets can be purchases prior to the event for $5 for children and $2 for adults, At the door the price per child increases to $10.  https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/Buhler%20Update%205-8-17%281%29.pdf ...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent May 5th 2017

Good morning!   Although I am sending home a paper copy today with your child,  I am attaching the International Festival Flyer in case you don't get it.   Have a wonderful weekend, Mrs. Buhler https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/International%20Festival%20Flyer.pdf ...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent May 1st 2017

Good afternoon!  I am attaching my list serve message! Have a great evening, Mrs. Buhler https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/Buhler%20Update%205-1-17.pdf ...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent April 28th 2017

Good afternoon!  Here are a few updates... 1.  Interims will come home Monday instead of today. 2.  Olive Garden will be hosting lunch for the kids on Monday!   Have a great weekend and stay dry! Mrs. Buhler ...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent April 24th 2017

Good afternoon!  My list serve message is attached! Mrs. Buhlerhttps://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/Buhler%20Update%204-24-17.pdf ...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent April 19th 2017

Good morning!  I am a little late with my list serve message, but here it is!   Have a great day, Mrs. Buhler https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/Buhler%20Update%204--19-17.pdf ...

6-Mrs. Buhler's Class Message

Sent April 10th 2017

Good afternoon!  Attached is my list-serve! Mrs. Buhler https://dada-mec.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/Buhler%20Update%204-10-17.pdf ...

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