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4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent December 8th 2017

Happy Friday! Next week we will be finsihing up division, continuing our work with figurative language and invisible forces in science. We will also be starting on our pursuasive writings. Students will be able to pick a topic to write about and begin the research process! Winter Break starts on December 22nd and goes until January 8th, 2018! Last day for students is on Thursday December 21st and they come back to school on Tuesday January 9th. We will be starting our unit tests on the 13th and ending on the 20th. T...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent December 4th 2017

Happy Monday! A note from the school:  Want a free book (up to $8.00) from the Scholastic Fall Book Fair?  Please consider volunteering for the Scholastic Book Fair scheduled from 12/4/17 – 12/8/17. Your child will have the opportunity to purchase books from the book fair at their REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEC LIBRARY CLASS. For instance, if your child has library on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 9:50, that is the time your child will be able to purchase book fair books.  Please consider volunteering duri...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent November 27th 2017

Welcome Back! This week we are focusing on division in math, figurative language in ELA, and invisible forces in science.  We are starting literature circles in ELA this week and it will continue for the majority of the year. Students will have nightly reading to do and their literature circle job. I do give them 30 minutes in class to start this homework in case they have any questions. If they do not get it finished then they do need to take it home for homework.Students still have math review every Monday as ...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent November 16th 2017

Dear Parents, Tomorrow is the last day to donate socks for the homeless. Our class has done a great job so far with donating over 140 socks!! Thank you to everyone who have donated. Tomorrow we will celebrate our class goal with an end of the day movie and popcorn party! When we come back from break we will be working on motion in science. In order to do our activities we need some supplies. If you have any of these things laying around the house we would greatly appreciate it if you could donate them. We need: empty...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent November 13th 2017

Hello! Tomorrow for a $1 students can wear their favorite hat to school! Also, we are still collecting socks for the homeless until Friday. We currently have 47 pairs, but another class has 68. We need to collect more to get the donut party!! Thank you to everyone who have dontaed so far. Thank you, Samantha Campbell ...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent November 10th 2017

Happy Friday! Graded papers and behavior grades will be going home today! Next week we will be focusing on more division in math, retelling important parts in myths, and energy in science. If you are looking for extra practice for your child in math have them get on Zearn. They should know how to get on and their unsername and password. I believe this website is better than prodigy. Also Kahn academy is a great resource for practice problems and videos to watch and you do not need a login! You can search anything in ...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent November 3rd 2017

Happy Friday! I will be sending home graded papers and behavior grades today. On Monday we will be taking our 5 mintue language review quiz and our morning work quiz. We do these everyday for 7 days in class. I told students to take all their example papers home with them this weekend to study. Next week we will be focus on myths, legends, similes, and metaphors in reading. In math we are starting long division, factors, and multiples. In science we are still focusing on energy. Finally, in social studies we are in th...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent October 27th 2017

Dear parents, I sent home a paper today about lunches for the field trip. I got the form from another teacher that is going on November 1st and forgot to change the date on it. Our field trip is still on October 31st! Sorry for any confusion caused by this.  Samantha Campbell  ...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent October 27th 2017

Happy Friday! Friday folders with graded work and behavior grades will be going home today. Please remeber to check and sign your child's behavior grade! I am also sending home another form for the field trip to say if you are doing a sack lunch from home or school. Reminder that water is the only accepted drink for the field trip. Students will be taking a 2x2 (  Example:23X45) multiplication test on Monday. In order to help your child you can come up with some problems for them to practice the area model ...

4-Ms. Campbell's Class Message

Sent October 23rd 2017

Dear Parents, Tonights homework is students getting caught up in math. They are either on partial product multplication or doing the area model multiplication worksheet. We will continue doing the area model in math this week with 2 x 2 numbers (23X45). In reading we are working on theme still. In writing we are brainstorming writing topics, and in science we are learning about the different types of energy. Today we built our own rollercoasters!  Remember the field trip to the State House, library, and Benjamin...

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