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Class News

Sent October 20th 2017

Hello Families, Attached is Class News.  It's been a busy and fun week back from fall break: [*]7 students passed Lexia levels this week!  That's amazing! [*]We did math outside 1 day.  See pics below. [*]We enjoyed the Global Games on Thursday, and PJ Day with a Kratts Brothers Show and popcorn at end of day. I encourage you to practice math facts with your child for 5-10 min/day.  Addition and subtraction flashcards are available at the Dollar Store.  Keep some in the car ~ so p...

iPad DreamBox directions

Sent October 9th 2017

Happy Fall Break Families, Attached is DreamBox Directions for an iPad ~ for home use.  (Might also work on iPhone; I didn't test that.) Happy playing Mrs. Ceglio 123 ...

Class News

Sent October 6th 2017

Hello Families and Happy Fall Break Attached is Class News. Thank you for your terrific financial support with Global Games collection.  We had 100% participation in our class ~ and celebrated that goal with ice cream bars this afternoon.  Additionally, the school reached it's goal of raising $5000.00!  YAY!  We will celebrate as a school, after break, with school wide PJ Day!   We finished out Memoirs this week and celebrated that with Mrs. Borgert's class today.  See...

Art To Remember

Sent October 4th 2017

Art To Remember ORDERS (not drawings) are due online TOMORROW (10/5) ...

Class News

Sent September 28th 2017

Hello Families, Attached is Class News.  Please read about the Global Games next week in Class News.  We are hoping for donations from every child in our class.  Even $1 will count and help!   Next week we administer district Quarterly Assessments.  It will change the routine of our days.  They will be doing these in small groups on ipads.   Thanks for your GREAT SUPPORT with doing Lexia and Dreambox at home.  It really helps! Each day we start our day with "Mo...

Culver's Night

Sent September 25th 2017

The first Culver's night of the school year is Tuesday, September 26, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm at the East 96th Street Culver's. We need volunteers to deliver food as part of this fundraiser for the school. This is a fun way to meet school families/staff and help raise funds for Mary Castle! Click this link to sign up for a one hour shift: http://signup.com/go/mwPaYJO M S D Lawrence Township would like to continue connecting with you via email. If you prefer to be removed from our list, pl...

Class News

Sent September 22nd 2017

Happy First Day of Fall  Attached is Class News.  Please note that movie night money is due next Tuesday.  (If you volunteer, it's free!)  the movie is next Friday evening. Please return planner and BLUE folder everyday.  They will not write in their planners on Fridays, but I will do a behavior mark on Fridays.  (Well, most Fridays) THANK YOU to everyone for coming to Conferences.  Our class had 100% participation.  That's a new record for me.  Thank you for help...

Conference Reminder & a Photo :)

Sent September 17th 2017

Hello Families, Remember:  Parent Conferences are tomorrow/Monday.  Your child brought home your specific time on a note last Thursday,  and also on a green "bracelet" Friday afternoon.  Let me know asap if you can't come at your time or forgot your time.   Here is a photo of our class with Augusta Mann last Thursday.  She worked with the students and me on teaching phonics.  It was EXCITING! I will be out of the class on Tuesday, for professional development. &nb...

Class News

Sent September 15th 2017

Here is Class News.  Sorry! ...

Class News

Sent September 15th 2017

Hello Families, Attached is Class News.  Please remember no school Monday ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences are happening all day long. We've had some fun this week.  We made SLIME.  We had an expert from across the country work with us on our phonics chart.  And, today we celebrated National Dot Day ("Make your mark on the world).  Listen to the song below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_I43cxDQ-o I hope to see everyone at Conferences on Monday.  I just learned I may be out of ...

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