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6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent February 20th 2018

Happy Tuesday! I hope all are enjoying this near 80 degree day in February!  Starting tomorrow, we will begin our formal ISTEP practice test. As a class, we will go through the test and complete the practice problems for each section: English Language Arts, Math, and Science. This allows time to ensure all know how to navigate and fully utilize the available online tools accessible within each section as well as time to discuss strategies to use when approaching each type of question and h...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent January 24th 2018

Happy Ice Day! As we proceed through second semester, we will experience days such as today where our schedule may be thrown off. In such cases, most assignments and expectations should be able to still be completed such as reading and vocabulary practice. Other assignments are known as The Fizz lays out all expectations for the upcoming week. However, now that we are approaching the transition to middle school, I am going to move toward a general layout of assignments with the understanding that most will have to be ...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent December 18th 2017

Happy week before Winter Break! It is hard to believe we have reached the halfway mark as this is the last week of the 2nd quarter! Winter Break starts this Friday--no school and will continue through Monday, January 8th. Classes resume on Tuesday, January 9th. Report cards will be accessible online that Friday, January 12th.  As the weather gets predictively colder, please be sure your child has the appropriate outerwear for recess. We will be going outside if the weather is 25 degrees or warmer. This week, we...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent December 3rd 2017

It was great seeing many of you at the Ribbon Cutting Dedication today. It was a beautiful day in and out of the building.  As we look at the schedule in December, we will be wishing our Academic Team members luck along with our Robotics team members as competitions are under way! Girls' basketball information will be coming soon, and we wish our boys' basketball members luck as they practice for their first game. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are planning on extending your holiday vacat...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent November 26th 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all had a wonderful week full of family, laughter, and love! Attached is the upcoming work for the week. Unbelievable to think that we are 3 weeks away from the halfway point of 6th grade! ...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent November 13th 2017

*MEC United Way Campaign Initiative* Lawrence Township is raising money for the United Way Foundation. United Way helps through goals that impact Education, Financial Stability, Health, and Basic Needs. Through various donations, United Way has helped many Lawrence Township families get back to the path to self-sufficiency. The LT United Way Campaign will go from October 23rd – November 17th. We are in the home stretch! ...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent October 29th 2017

Happy weekend everyone! I appreciate everyone's effort to have their child at school on time. This will allow our class average attendance to reach the goal set by the school as well as the district. As we strive toward becoming autonomous learners working and thinking at a high level of complexity, we will be leveraging technology toward an outcome that utilizes the understanding of a skill. Thank you for helping support the proper care of the student chrome books as they travel to an...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent September 29th 2017

Hello and happy Friday! We've completed another full week of learning, and our talents just keep shining! Please look for an orange sheet and envelope to come home with information about Mary Castle’s annual PFO fundraiser. We are looking as a school to bring in at least one dollar per student. If our class has 100% participation, we will decide as a group how we’d like to be rewarded. If a student brings in $10.00, they will receive an $5.00 gift card to Incrediplex!! Please take a moment to help our s...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent September 22nd 2017

Happy Friday! It was wonderful getting to know a bit more about each of you this past Monday. I so very much appreciate the time you took out of your day to participate in your child's education. Your input and insight is invaluable. Each day, I get more and more excited by the growth I'm seeing in everyone's thought process and ability to synthesize unique and complex connections.  Please see next week's assignment in The Fizz attached. Have a fantastic weekend!! ...

6-Ms. Coake's Class Message

Sent September 17th 2017

Thank you all for signing up for a conference. I look forward to talking with you tomorrow!  ...

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