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5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent August 21st 2017

Hello Parents, We had another great week last week.  Students were busy constructing demonstrations of the Solar Eclipse.  They will show their demonstration to the class today. They also finished their price compare and contrast decimal project for eating out vs. eating at home.  We continue to have a great year. All fifth graders were assigned their Chromebooks last week.  We continue to work our way through the 21 Day Chromebook lessons.   We will begin using them as part of our ins...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent August 14th 2017

Hello Parents,  I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend.  Please click HERE for our classroom newsletter.  There is a homework chart at the end of the newsletter as well as some celebrations of success in our classroom.   What a great group of students.  Have a great evening.  Ms. Dorsel ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent August 9th 2017

Hello Parents! It’s been a great start to our 5th grade year!  This is going to be an awesome year! It was great to meet you at Meet the Teacher Night.   Your children are such hard workers and so kind to each other.  I know this didn’t happen by accident.  Thank you! We have started using scales and To Do/Doing/Done Charts in class.  Today we discussed the purpose of these.  Ask your child what they know about these items. If you write what they say in their assignment not...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent May 23rd 2017

Good Evening Families,  Tomorrow is an exciting day as we have both the academic awards at 11:30 for families and our Oscars Awards for just our class.  If anyone is available to help me (shhh... it's a surprise) decorate the classroom for our Oscars at 10:30, that would be great! Just let me know.  In the past, students have dressed up for the Oscars and brought a change of clothes for the rest of the day.   _Your child does have a little homework tonight_.  The award they will receive ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent May 22nd 2017

Hello Families,  I have truly enjoyed this year with this group of amazing children.  We have grown, worked and laughed together. I will miss them.  I feel honored to have been a part of their school journey.  Thank you for sharing them with me, and trusting me with teaching them.  They are on to a wonderful experience with Ms. McLaren in 6th Grade High Ability.  Thank you so much for your support thoughought this year.  It takes a villiage to raise a child and I am proud to be a pa...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent May 15th 2017

May 15, 2017 Homework for the week: Reading: Mon.-     Day 1 in Reading packet, Read 30 min. Tues.-    Day 2 in Reading packet, Read 30 min. Wed.-     Day 3 in Reading packet, Read 30 min. Thurs.-   Day 4 in Reading packet, Read 30 min. **Last day for students to take AR quizzes is this Friday.  Ask your child how many points they have toward their AR goal. FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIP:  Please print, sign and return this slip _or send me a...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent May 9th 2017

Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow students will be getting their book photo taken.  Please have them bring any books from home that they want in the photo.  We will have access to the library here and should be able to finish photos tomorrow. We have a professional photographer taking the photos. :)   Thank you for your help in getting the books from home together. The students look forward to this photo all year.  Field Day Volunteers Needed! Mr. Beattie needs more volunteers for Field Day.  _I sent h...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent May 9th 2017

Hello Mary Castle 4th - 6th grade families, I wanted to pass along some information about Mary Castle Robotics Club and a fun summer camp that your 4th, 5th, or 6th grade child might enjoy! Mrs. McLaren and I lead Mary Castle's after-school Robotics Club, which sponsored two Robotics "teams" to compete in local and surrounding  counties' robotics competitions for the 2016-2017 school year.  In our first year as a club and competing in 3 local competitions, both our teams qualified and compet...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent May 8th 2017

May 8, 2017 Newsletter  Thank you so much for all of the wonderful gifts last week for Teacher Appreciation.  I truly am grateful for each of you and each child in this class. It has been a great year.  We will finish strong and positive for a full year of awesome!  In Class: Important things your child needs for class this week: Flash drive for movies and green screen studio field trip [*]By Wednesday: Books for photo and Inspiring your Reader’s Book Film (photographer will be here Wed...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent May 1st 2017

**Tonight's Math Homework is shared with them in a Google Slide. Homework Review Ch 8 ...

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