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5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent February 21st 2018

Dear Parents,  Our class is excited about the Portillo's Fund Raiser Tonight.  We choose a time that most students thought they would be available.  I will plan to be there at 6 and hope to see you there.  It will be great to see you all there as a fun get together.  I just want to say thank you again for your wonderful children.  They are such a kind family of students.  It is a warm, supportive environment each day in our room as well as a productive, happy, energetic place to...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent February 12th 2018

Hello Parents,  We have a Social Studies Test coming up this Thursday.  Here are a couple of resources your student can use to study for the upcoming Causes of the American Revolution Test.  QUIZLET (mentioned in newsletter) Study Guide/Notes Pages - they have been bringing these home all week to study. They will need to study the order of events from 1 to 12, as well as the information under each event. The test will be a mixture of multiple choice, true/false, and order/sequencing of events. ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent February 2nd 2018

Hello Parents, I hope that everyone is on the road to recovery and feeling better each day.  I also hope that you and your family are able to stay healthy. We miss everyone. If your child has been out sick and you want to pick up work for them to do over the weekend, I will have it available for you to pick up in the office after 1 pm  today. Math is: Online Concept Help Online 3D Shape Manipulator Online 3D Shape Interactive #1  With video Online 3D shape interactive #2 Net video Ch 7-5 P...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent January 30th 2018

Hello Parents,  I hope that you are all staying healthy.  We have had several students out with the flu.  We had 11 students out today.  I hope that everyone is resting and feeling better soon.  Here is a link to the latest on the flu and how you can help prevent it from spreading.   Please let me know how I can help.   Here is a link for a recipe for  Chicken Soup for a Cold  If your child is up to doing any school work, there is a slide for today in the...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent January 29th 2018

Hello Parents, Reading Scholars are learning about theme and how characters responding to challenge helps build the theme.  We will also begin learning how figurative language can help to provide meaning to a piece of literature. They are also learning to summarize and connect events.  The entire unit links values with decision making and events in history.    Writing Scholars have been working on an argumentative essay. They have a variety of ways that they can present the essay/argument: info...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent January 24th 2018

Snow Day! Song: just for fun… Optional eLearning and at home Learning Opportunities: Read in your Historical Fiction Book Watch math eLearning Lessons on Area of a Polygon: video 1, video 2 Work on your Argumentative Essay Project with your group: collaborate online Dreambox: Complete the math homework: Monday Review and 30 minutes of Dreambox (one from yesterday, one for today) I know many students are excited about their argumentative essay projects.  If they would like to take the opportunity ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent January 22nd 2018

Hello Parents,  Your child should be very proud of their hard work.  So many studetns earned High Honor Roll or Honor Roll this quarter. They have really been doing a great job with being engaged in the lessons collaborating and working hard.   Please click HERE for this week's newsletter and homework.  Let me know if you have questions.  Thank you.  Maria Dorsel ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent January 18th 2018

Dear Parents, Please join us at our Award Ceremony tomorrow morning, Friday, January 19th, at 7 a.m. If your child received a Semester Honor Roll or Semester High Honor Roll, or a Global Citizen Award, you are invited. They are bringing home a paper invitation today. I appreciate all of the at home support you give each day to ensure your child’s success. This is an amazing class.   Maria Dorsel Homework this Week: Tuesday: Monday Review (Math), Study Vocabulary Wednesday: Pearson XL 7-in, Study ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent January 9th 2018

Welcome Back! We are off to a great start.  Students shared  sunny and  cloudy moments of their break to start our day.  We are having some great discussions in class that relate to our values and beliefs. We will be changing the homework routine a bit this quarter.  Homework will still include a Monday Review and Reading, however, math will alternate between Online Review in Pearson and Dreambox.  Other homework will be either studying vocabulary and/or items for a SS test, or completin...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent December 18th 2017

Please find our class newsletter HERE.   You will find a sign up genius for our Winter Celebration as well as information about homework.  We do have a SS test this week on Wednesday.  It is on founders and reasons for founding the 13 colonies.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Please visit the sign up genius site to donate to our Winter Celebration. We have some fun student activities for Thursday and just need your help with some items. Sign up Genius Thank you so ...

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