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5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent December 11th 2017

Hello Parents,  The end of the quarter is coming quickly.  We need a room parent or two  to help with our Winter Celebration on December 21st around noon.  Please email me if you can assist.  I will send a sign up genie with items to donate after the room parent and I discuss what we want to do.  Ideas are welcome.   Thank you so much for attending our “Most Influential Person” Award Night.  The students were so excited as they honored you with their heartfelt words ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent December 7th 2017

Hello Parents,  This is just a friendly reminder that our "Most Influential Person" Event is tonight at 7 p.m.  _If you can not _make tonight's event, we will have another opportunity for you to come tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.   RSVP, so that know how many to expect tonight and in the morning.  Thank you! Ms. Dorsel ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent December 4th 2017

Hello Parents,  Please find this week's newsletter by clicking HERE.   Today your child brought an invitation for the "Most Influential Person Award Presentation" event.  Tonight and tomorrow students should study Social Studies.  They will have a test on Wednesday over the Spanish colnies, Virginia colony, Plymonuth colony and the  Dutch and Frnch colonies. Tonight they also have Monday Review Have a great night and please email me with any questions or concerns.  ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent December 2nd 2017

Dear Parents,  Mark your calendars for this Thursday, _December 7th at 7 p.m._ for our "Most Influential Person" presentations.  There are other events going on at MEC that evening.  Ours will be in our classroom.   Hope to see you there.  Let me know if you are unble to attend so that we can find another time for you to come.  Maria Dorsel  ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent December 1st 2017

Dear Parents.  Please plan to attend our "Most Influencial Person" presentations _this coming Thursday_, December 7th.  If you are unable to make that time, please send me an email.  We may be able to host a second part the next morning, Friday, Dec. 8th at 7 a.m.   Our MEC open house is this Sunday.  Hope to see you there.  Ms. Dorsel The CSI Presentations today were fabulous.  I was so impressed!  Have a great weekend.  ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent November 29th 2017

Hello Parents,  I am resending the links. You should be able to open them now.  Please vote for your preferred time for our Most Influential Person Presentations.  Link Newsletter Link  Sorry for the inconvience.  Thank you so much! Maria Dorsel ...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent November 28th 2017

Dorsel Classroom News Oct. 23, 2017 A Note from the Teacher: You are invited! Your child selected a person in their life as their “Most Influential Person” We are planning to invite you either via Google Hangout, if you can’t make it in personally, or as a Coffeehouse Cafe Breakfast or Early Evening Event.   I would like you to vote for your preferred time so that we can accommodate as many people as possible. Please click on the Form HERE Math: This week we are learning the concept of Solv...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent November 27th 2017

Hello Parents,  I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends over fall break.  Click HERE for this Week's Newsletter.  We won 2nd Place for the PSA on Fox59.  More news to come!  We also need your input for a special writing celebration.  After hearing from you, we will pick a date and time and send out invites.  We want to send them out asap, so please respond.  You will find a link in the newsletter, or click HERE for the link to go strait to the Pick Your Time Form.&...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent November 13th 2017

Newsletter 11-13-17 Hello Parents, Thank you so much for voting for our videos and promoting our classroom, real- world connections with persuasive writing.  When I last looked at the results before voting closed, it looked like we were runner up! That is awesome! We were competing against High School students.  If we are indeed runner-up, we should still be receiving $1000 for MEC! Your child should have brought home an AR point goal for this 9 weeks.  Please help them pace themselves so that they ca...

5-Ms. Dorsel's Class Message

Sent November 6th 2017

Hello Parents, First, some exciting news! Our class made it to the final round of the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Contest with our videos. We are competing against High School Students and we really need your vote.  If we consolidate votes, we will have more of a chance to win.  If one of our videos win, MEC will win $1,000.   Here is the official notice and link to vote from the Marketing Director. Some of your videos were selected as finalist in the It’s My City video contest. Please share t...

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