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1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent December 14th 2018

​Hello Families! ​I hope this finds you all well. We have an action packed 4 days left of school, and I want to touch base with you about what to expect. ​First of all, next week is SPIRIT WEEK. Your child will bring home a reminder today of the week's events.  ​_Monday_-  Sports Day.  Dress in your favorite sports team's gear.  _Tuesday_-  Twin Day- dress your child like his/her best friend!  _​Wednesday- _​  Grade level color day (First grade wears black).  _Thu...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent November 13th 2018

Hello Families! Here are some reminders of upcoming events!!! ·         _Parent Engagement Night focused on STEM! Tonight! 6:15-7:30_! Come experience some of the exciting STEM activities your child is learning! ·         _Fazoli’s Night from 5-8pm tomorrow (11/14)_ ·         Global Games! This Friday! Please consider donating to our school with your monetar...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent November 9th 2018

  ​Hello Families!  We have our first Parent Engagement Night scheduled for November 13th, 6:30 - 7:30 and it will focus on STEM at MEC. We plan to have at least two more P.E.N’s this year with different speakers at each of these meetings, discussing “hot topics” that interest us parents.  What are some topics you would be interested in?  Do you know any community leaders who would be interested in chatting with us? Please email mecpfo@gm...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent November 8th 2018

​​Hello from your child's class! ​We have reached a point in Math where all of the strategies to solve addition and subtraction facts have been taught and practiced repeatedly. It is now time for the students to begin memorizing their facts. In order to do this, they need to have flash cards, and practice at home for several minutes a night. Addition and Subtraction flash cards can be purchased at any Dollar Tree or Walmart, and are key in helping your child with immediate recognition and memorization. Thank you i...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent October 25th 2018

​Hello! Just a couple of quick reminders as the weather changes. We will go outside to play ​as long as the windchill or temperature is above  25 degrees. Therefore, please make sure your child wears a coat, gloves, etc. to school every day. ​Our first recess is at 10:05, so we typically haven't reached the high temperature for the day. Thank you! ​Our Student Council sock drive is still going on. Please send in a pair of new socks to help our school reach our goal of 1000 new socks for the homeless...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent October 22nd 2018

JHello Families! By now, you should have all had an opportunity to access your child's report card on Skyward. If you have not, or are unsure how to do so, please send me an email and I will walk you through the process. It is important that  you are informed not only at the end of each quarter, but throughout the grading period as to how your child is performing academically in class. Grades are updated on a regular basis so you can monitor your child's progress. As always, please let me know if you have...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent October 3rd 2018

Hello and Happy Fall! ​We have really taken off with our learning since parent/teacher conferences, and are hitting the ground hard  with our academics. With that said, it is so important that your child is here on time, each and every day. ​Students who arrive after 8:00 are missing vital instruction in word work and reading. ​Just a reminder that doors open at 7:35, and the bell to begin our day rings at 8:00. Please try to ensure that your child is here every day on time.  Please help the homel...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent September 6th 2018

​Hello! This year, parents can sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences using the following link.  Try each one, as one takes you to SIGNUPGENIUS and one directly to the first grade link. Conferences are on September 17. ​I am also sending home a newsletter today with this information as well. ​I look forward to seeing you and talking with you about your children!   Mrs. Goodwin https://tinyurl.com/ycr296a9 https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b094faaa92eaafc1-1stgrade ...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent August 24th 2018

​Hello!  What an AMAZING week we have had in our classroom! We are really taking off in our academics and with our "growth mindset" learning!  LEXIA LOGIN:  When logging into LEXIA at home, please do the following: [*]​Use the number I provided you on the little LEXIA login card [*]​Type in your child's password. Your child's password is ​FIRST INITIAL CAPITALIZED, SECOND INITIAL LOWERCASE, THEN BIRTHDATE.  [*]​EXAMPLE:  Jon Smith's birthday is October 21, 2012....

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent August 20th 2018

HELLO FROM  YOUR CHILD'S CLASSROOM!  :)  What a wonderful start to the year it has been! We have been very busy learning the expectations and procedures of the "big school". I hope your child has talked with you about our school's TROT expectations. The acronym stands for:  T- take charge of your learning  R-  Respect others and the learning environment  - O Own responsibility   T-  Think safely Another important skill that we have been working...

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