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1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent January 25th 2018

Hello ! We have been very busy in our classroom! Between making up for lost time during snow days, and assessing, we are always on the move! I have been busy giving the students their DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment) and STAR reading assessment. I will send home a report next week about your child's current reading level.  As we start the second semester, in our journey to second grade, I would like to ask you to work with your child each evening on the following: [*]READ READ READ.  Reading daily is...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent December 15th 2017

Hello! We have some exciting things on the horizon in our school and in our classroom next week! Hold onto your hats and grab your calendars :) [*]Monday is SPORTS DAY. Wear something to support your favorite sports team! [*]Tuesday is CRAZY HAIR DAY [*]Wednesday is SUPER HERO DAY. Wear a super hero shirt! (no masks please) [*]Thursday is PAJAMA DAY Also next week, we will be learning about holidays and celebrations around the world! We will rotate through the other first grade classrooms and learn about tradi...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent November 30th 2017

Hello! Tomorrow is SPIRIT DAY at Mary Castle, as we prepare to celebrate our Open House on Sunday. However, as I mentioned in yesterday's listserve, our class has earned a pajama party. So you can have your child do either...wear his or her Mary Castle t-shirt that PFO gave them for the Global games, or their pajamas! The choice is yours! (or theirs). :)   Thanks so much! Mrs. Goodwin ...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent November 29th 2017

Hello! I hope you and your family enjoyed the Thanksgiving Break! Time is going so quickly. It's hard to believe we will be winding down the first semester in a matter of weeks. We have so much going on in our classroom and in our school! To  begin with Mary Castle Night at Incrediplex is tomorrow night! More information was sent in a gold flyer that went home today (unless your child is a car rider....we received them late and those students will receive them tomorrow) . The cost is $15 and students were g...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent November 6th 2017

Hello Families!  I hope you are having a great fall. We have enjoyed a lot of outdoor play during recess. Please be sure to dress your child for the outdoors, as we will go (unless it's raining) when temperatures are above 28 degrees. Our student council is currently promoting a sock drive for children in need. The classroom that collects the most pairs of socks wins a donut party. The next time you are out and about, please consider donating a pair of socks to help someone less fortunate. Friday, November ...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent September 29th 2017

Hello Families! I hope this is finding you well on this beautiful Fall day! SO much is happening these days in room 104. Here is a quick snapshot of what we are learning: [*]In Reading, we are learning strategies for sounding out unknown words. We are also working on character, plot, and setting in a story..the "who, what and where".  When you are reading with your child, talk about these important story elements to help aid in their comprehension of the story. [*]In Math, we have been working on s...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent September 1st 2017

Hello! Thank you to those of you who came to Back To School Night last evening! It was wonderful to be able to share with you some information about your child's school experience, and to talk with you afterwards for a few minutes. For those of you who were unable to attend, I am sending home a packet of information that was distributed last night. Should you have any questions after reading it, please contact me. We are beginning the hard work that is first grade . We are embracing RIGOR, and the students are ow...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent August 28th 2017

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT IS THIS THURSDAY! :)  Plan on finding out all you can about your child's first grade experience! There will be two sessions, so if you have a child in an older grade, you can attend both sessions!  Parents will meet in the GYM at 6:00 ,where there will be an opening with Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Blythe and the PFO. Following that, you can visit your children's classrooms and hear a little about their class! Please remember that the purpose of this evening is to get a brief overvie...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent August 18th 2017

Hello and Happy Friday! We have had a FANTASTIC week in our classroom! We have hit the ground running with our academics, and I am sure your children are coming home exhausted. This is one of the primary reasons we don't assign homework in first grade. We feel that we work them very hard for 7 hours each day, and when they go home, we hope that they relax, refresh, read and rejuvenate!  Soon I will be sending home Lexia Login information, and that will be a way that your child can get in some reading sk...

1-Mrs. Goodwin's Class Message

Sent August 8th 2017

Hello! Welcome to the first newsletter / listserve of the year! I hope that your child is enjoying first grade! We have been working on procedures, our TROT expectations (more to come), and on  building relationships!  It has been such a wonderful feeling to see little friendships budding already. This is a very sweet group of children, and we are always finding ways to connect, work together, and spread the love and joy of learning! :) TROT: these are our schoolwide expectations. T= take charge of ...

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