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Upcoming Events

Sent November 13th 2018

Good afternoon! The next few days are packed, and I wanted to be sure that you were aware of every event taking place! TONIGHT! Stem Night-click _here_ to view the flyer that came home with students. Tomorrow night: Fazoli's Night from 5-8 (Castleton location) Friday: Global Games-click _here_ to view the flyer that came home with students. Have a wonderful evening! Sharon Lancaster 4th Grade Teacher Mary E. Castle Elementary School 317.964.4600 ...

Global Games

Sent November 9th 2018

The MEC Global Games Fundraiser will take place from November 9th  - 16th. Our goal is to raise $5000 so that the MEC PFO can continue supporting students and staff at MEC! On Friday, November 16th, students will have a culminating experience in celebration of the funds raised. We are in need of at least 8 volunteers for the day from 8AM - 2:30PM to help with stations. If you would like to walk through stations with your child, please contact me and have your photo ID with you. Please sign up to volunteer using th...

4-Mrs. Lancaster's Class Message

Sent November 8th 2018

Good morning 4th grade families, The Office of Technology is working on a long term technology plan to support the MSDLT Strategic Plan. They are looking for input from both Parents/Community. Surveys are open until Friday, November 9th Here are links to the English version and the Spanish version. Your input is very much appreciated! Thanks, Sharon Lancaster 4th Grade Teacher Mary E. Castle Elementary School 317.964.4600 ...

November Newsletter

Sent November 7th 2018

Hello! Please click _here_ to access our November newsletter. Have a great evening! Sharon Lancaster 4th Grade Teacher Mary E. Castle Elementary School 317.964.4600 ...

2nd Behavior Celebration

Sent November 7th 2018

Good morning, Room 404 students have reached another class behavior goal by earning 10 compliment tallies for excellent hallway and classroom behavior. We will be celebrating with an electronics party this Friday (11/9/18)!  Students will get to enjoy their electronics and spend free time with their peers at the end of the day.  They may bring electronics at their own risk (per Lawrence Township Student Handbook.)  However, all students may use their school laptops in lieu of their own electronics. ...

Happy Monday!

Sent November 5th 2018

Happy Monday! We had such a productive day back-thank you Daylight Savings for the extra hour! We worked on interpreting the remainder in division problems, finding the main idea in nonfiction texts, animal adaptations, comparative and superlative adjectives, and more! Your student's brain should be tired ;) We also passed out Quarter 1 awards-celebrate with your student and set new goals to meet for Quarter 2!  Several graded papers came home today, so please review these with your student. As always, tonig...

Happy Friday!

Sent October 26th 2018

Happy Friday! What a great week of learning! We are finishing up big projects here in room 404…Lunch Money dioramas and personal narrative essays. We are also launching into division, state geography, and animal/plant adaptations. Hopefully, they are putting the finishing touches on their Book Talks, due this upcoming Monday (10/29). Have them practice presenting in front of you! These book talks are 5 weeks in the making, so I can’t wait to hear/see what they’ve prepared. Have a wonderful weekend!...

Items that came home today...

Sent October 19th 2018

Happy Friday! I just wanted to give you a heads-up on a few items that your student should be sharing with you today: -Report Cards: please sign and return -Book Talk paper: this is the same assignment handed out about 5 weeks ago, but since the due date is coming up, I thought I'd send home another reminder  -Graded papers: Monday Math Review, Math Facts Quiz (always review papers with your student to ensure they don't have any further questions) Lastly, I have had the wonderful opportunity of meetin...

October Newsletter

Sent October 18th 2018

Click _here_ to view our October Newsletter! Sharon Lancaster 4th Grade Teacher Mary E. Castle Elementary School 317.964.4600 ...

Welcome Back!

Sent October 15th 2018

Welcome back! I hope you were able to enjoy some extra time with your child(ren) this past week. We had a great first day back, and the kids were excited to be reunited with their friends and back in the groove of learning! Parent/Teacher Conferences are off to a great start this evening. Students brought home conference slips on October 4th, but if you're unsure of your assigned time, please give me a call or shoot me an email. Thanks! Sharon Lancaster 4th Grade Teacher Mary E. Castle Elementary School 317...

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