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This Week's Absence

Sent October 4th 2017

Good morning families, At some point today, tomorrow, or Friday, the following letter will be read to your students. I wanted you to also hear it from me, and be prepared to answer any questions your student may have. Boys and Girls, I miss you so much. I'm sorry I cannot be with you this week.  As you know, Monday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment to find out our baby's gender. Unfortunately, we found out our baby had passed away and is in heaven now. Mr. Lancaster and I are very sad, and it&...

This Week in Photos

Sent September 29th 2017

Happy Friday families! We’ve had a very busy, but fun week. Be sure to check out our pictures below: Click on each title to view photos from the event. _Book Talk Presentations_ _State Map Presentations_ _Camp Out Celebration_ _Camp Out Celebration Part 2_ Enjoy your weekend! Sharon Lancaster 4th Grade Teacher Mary Castle Elementary 317.964.4644 123 ...

Celebration Tomorrow!

Sent September 28th 2017

Hello 4th grade families! Your awesome students reached a behavior goal of 10 tallies again in the classroom. They will be celebrating with a “camp-out” during independent reading tomorrow Friday, September 29th. The camp-out will consist of the following: -small snack (goldfish, grapes, fruit snacks, etc) -pajamas, slippers, small pillow/blanket (must fit in backpack) -”campfire” on the smartboard accompanied by Pandora’s nature station Thank you for always encouraging good choices a...

Reminders & Facebook Post

Sent September 25th 2017

Good afternoon! I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday! I wanted to send out a few reminders, as I know we are all very busy… Tomorrow night, September 26th, is Culver’s Night (96th St location) from 5:00-8:00pm. Proceeds go to our MEC PFO (which comes back to our students). This Friday, September 29th, is Movie Night for grades 1-4. If you can get your order forms and money in by tomorrow, it’s only $5. After that, it’s $10. However, any parents that volunteer can get their students i...

Hurricane Relief

Sent September 20th 2017

Good morning, Many of you were moved and overwhelmed by the devastation and flooding wreaked on East Texas by Hurricane Harvey and then again with Hurricane Irma. If you would like to make a definite difference in the lives of those who have been irrevocably touched by these incredible storms, here’s how you can get involved... Mrs. Sturgeon’s church, White River Christian Church in Noblesville, goes on an annual mission trip to South Texas along the border area.  This year they are rerouting th...

LT Portal & Book Talk

Sent September 19th 2017

Good afternoon! Thank you again for coming to Parent/Teacher conferences! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk with you and celebrate your student’s wins for these first few weeks of school. Please be sure to share with them what we discussed, especially your goals for this school year. Keep those in front of them to help keep them motivated and focused! The “LT Portal” came up several times yesterday during conversations about Lexia, Dreambox, and other web-based programs. Please click _here_ to vi...

September Newsletter & Health Ed Pro

Sent September 7th 2017

Good afternoon! We've had a wonderful week in 4th grade learning about new strategies for checking our work in math and starting a new novel in reading! Click _here_ to check out September's newsletter. Also, tomorrow morning will be our first Health Ed Pro session. It will cover the following: Lesson 1:  Students will practice refusal skills and decision making skills, using the following questions: ·         Is it safe? ·  &n...

4-Mrs. Lancaster's Class Message

Sent September 1st 2017

Happy 3-day weekend! We had a wonderful week in fourth grade! I will try and send pictures soon, but my email is not allowing me to upload any at this time. My listserve (mass emails) has been acting up recently, so please let me know if you go a week and don’t hear from me. I usually send something out AT LEAST weekly, if not more. I have sent 5 listserves so far this year, so if haven’t been getting them, let me know! I reentered everyone’s email, so hopefully it will be working from here on out. ...


Sent August 31st 2017

Good afternoon! 3 reminders: [*]Back to School Night is TONIGHT at 6:00PM in the Gym!! [*]Picture Day is tomorrow! [*]Electronic Party is tomorrow! I can’t wait to see you all tonight! Sharon Lancaster 4th Grade Teacher Mary Castle Elementary 317.964.4644 123 ...

First Behavior Celebration

Sent August 30th 2017

Good morning, Room 404 students have reached their first class behavior goal of earning 10 compliment tallies for excellent hallway and classroom behavior. We will be celebrating with an electronics party this Friday (9/1/17)!  Students will get to enjoy their electronics and spend free time with their peers at the end of the day.  They may bring electronics at their own risk (per Lawrence Township Student Handbook.)  However, I will have the laptop cart for all students to use in lieu of their own elec...

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