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5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent April 16th 2018

Good Morning, I can't believe that winter has made a return to Indiana; hopefully it will be a short lived visit! This week, we are taking the ISTEP practice tests for each of the subjects.  Students are required to take the practice test before taking the actual test.  Our testing begins next Wednesday, April 25th.  Your child will be bringing home a white handout that lists the days/subjects for each of the tests.  We test from April 25th - May 2nd.  In addition to taking the ISTEP prac...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent April 2nd 2018

Good Morning, Can you believe we are only 10 days away from the 2nd round of ISTEP?  It is very important that students are in attedance and on time as we use these last 2 weeks to help prepare scholars for this next round of testing. Each day for reading homework this week, in addition to the 30 minutes of independent reading and LEXIA, scholars will be completing a test prep assignment.  We will be reviewing these assignments in class the following day.   Many of you will find an envelope from ...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent March 21st 2018

Good Afternoon, Just a few reminders:          *Report cards are now available to be viewed on Skyward.  At the end of the day, scholars logged on to view their report cards.  I expressed the importance of not only looking at their grades, but also how I marked their behavior and my comments.          *SCHOOL WILL BE IN SESSION TOMORROW!!  Scholars may wear a hat at school tomorrow for a $1 donation toward our Pennies for Patients campaign.  We are ...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent March 12th 2018

Happy Monday!  Just a quick note about our week.  This is the last week of the 3rd grading period.  The last day to take an AR quiz will be Friday.  We will be spending most of the week in reading and math taking our quarter 3 assessments.  We will celebrate our hard work in reading by celebrating "World Sleep Day" on Friday.  Can you believe this is actually a day of celebration?  We will be reading articles about the benefits of getting enough sleep and what happens to ou...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent March 9th 2018

Happy Friday!  Please click here for a few pictures from our week.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! ...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent February 26th 2018

Happy Monday!  Isn't it great to see the sunshine?  As you know, we will begin our 1st round of ISTEP testing on Thursday of this week.  Please click here to read the important information about our testing and how to help your scholar be prepared come Thursday morning!  We have been working hard in class on answering reading and writing open ended questions (constructed responses) as well as using words to explain the steps needed to solve a math problem.  This has been a learning curve fo...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent February 5th 2018

In lieu of a newsletter this week, I just have a few quick announcements.  We have pushed back our test over the American Revolution to next Monday, Feb. 12th.   Please  click here for  the study guide.    Your scholar can also use this quizlet link to study for the test: https://quizlet.com/_4c5bta.  Scholars will need to know the order of events, any dates or names mentioned, and details of the events.  Here are important dates for February:   Fe...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent February 2nd 2018

Good Morning, We will be having a test over the American Revolution next Wednesday, Feb. 7th.  I hope your scholar has been bringing home the study guide each evening to be studying the events we have already discussed in class.  Just in case this hasn't been happening, click here for a COMPLETED version of the study guide.  We will still be discussing the last few events in class next week.  Your scholar can also use this quizlet link to study for the test: https://quizlet.com/_4c5bta.  S...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent January 24th 2018

Good afternoon, What a surprise to have a day off today.  I hope everyone made it safely to their destination. In order to make the most of your scholar's learning, here are some things they could be working on from home today:   [*]Complete Lexia Minutes (if needed) [*]Pearson Math Lessons 8-1 and 8-2  [*]Log onto their Google Docs and work on their explanatory essay [*]Study for Re-Test of 13 Colonies Assessment that was orginally scheduled for today (click here for list) [*]Read for...

5-Mrs. May's Class Message

Sent January 22nd 2018

Happy Monday!  I can't believe this will be our 1st full week of school since we've returned from winter break!  Please click here for my newsletter. I hope everyone has a fabulous week. ...

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