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1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent November 29th 2017

Perdue Press Academic Updates: Reading:  We are kicking off the week by reading articles and searching for answers to comprehension questions.  Students are highlighting information and this ensures they have the correct answer.  We have been working together on the Readworks article but will be moving to independent reading and answering of the questions. Super job on LEXIA and students continuing to make growth.  Keep it up Room 105! Writing:  Students are continuing work on their "Ho...

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent November 9th 2017

Perdue Press Veterans Day When:  Friday, November 10th Please wear red, white, and blue tomorrow as we celebrate Veteran's Day at Mary Castle. VOTE FOR MEC!   Mary Castle students made it to the final round of the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Contest with our videos. We are competing against High School Students and we really need your vote.  If we consolidate votes, we will have more of a chance to win.  If one of our videos win, MEC will win $1,000.   Please vote for “Be t...

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent October 27th 2017

Perdue Press Happy fall room 105 family and friends.  I can’t believe how fast this year is going.  The students are working hard and growing as learners.  Academic Update: Reading:  We have been reading a variety of fables and learning many different lessons. We read _The Tortoise and the Hare_ and found that slow and steady can win a race but the students also thought being kind was something important for the hare to learn. We have been working on strategies to figure out unknown words su...

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent September 25th 2017

Parent Teacher Conferences Thank you so much for the great participation in parent/teacher conferences.  I really enjoyed getting to spend time with each of you and talk about the great things your child is doing in first grade.  We had 96% participation and this is great!  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns at any time.   MEC Culver's Night Tuesday, September 26th from 5-8 p.m. will be our first MEC Culver's Night of the year.  This is a great way to connect with o...

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent September 8th 2017

Perdue Press Academic Highlights Week of September 4th Reading:   [*]Comparing Fiction and Non-Fiction​ [*]We talked about settings in a story Word Work: [*]Rhyming [*]Beginning and ending sounds [*]Sentence structure Math [*]Pre-test for Addition and Subtraction Unit of study [*]New Vocabulary:  add, plus, addition, equation, parts, equal [*]Story Problems Congrats Room 105! All students completed their required LEXIA minutes!  They also gained several units.  Keep up the great j...

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent August 28th 2017

Back to School Night Please plan to join us Thursday, August 31st for Back to School Night! Time:  6:00-7:30 Where:  Mary Castle Who:  Mary Castle Parents Why:  I will share out what is in store for your first grader this year!  Thanks for being partners in your child's education! *SMILE!* *Picture day is Friday, September 1st.  Everyone will have their picture taken and you can send in your order or order online. Our class is scheduled for pictures first thing Friday morning. ...

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent August 20th 2017

Perdue Press We have had a great start to the year in Room 105!  Last week we continued to work on procedures but have also started into the academics of first grade.  Some of the highlights have been the following: [*]Reading about families and sharing about our own family. [*]Word work-Beginning/Ending sounds, compound words, adding/deleting words to make a new word, rhyming to name just a few [*]Writing has been looking at correct letter formation and using our names to help us to understand We have ...

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent May 20th 2017

Perdue Press  This time of the year is always bittersweet but reflecting on this group brings a great sense of pride as they have made amazing growth and worked very hard.  It has been a fun year and they have been flexible with all of the moving, construction and weekly changes in our building.  I will look forward to keeping in touch to see what great things they accomplish in 2nd grade.  Thanks so much for ALL of your support as I have truly enjoyed this class.   Congratulations to Cayne! ...

1-Mrs. Perdue's Class Message

Sent April 17th 2017

Perdue Press Academic Update: Reading:  We spent last week getting back in the routine of school after spring break.  We are looking at main ideas in a story and finding text evidence to support our answers.  We looked at characters and their feelings.  This week we are focusing on setting and looking for details in our reading.  The class has also been working in "literature circles" and they really are doing a great job of working as a team.  Super job on LEXIA!  We have...

Perdue Press

Sent March 2nd 2017

Perdue Press February has been a flurry of excitement in Room 105!  We have moved back into our NEW classroom.  The students have continued to work hard during this construction but we are all happy to back in our classroom.   I will highlight some of our events in this newsletter.   Academic Highlights 100% of our class passed the district assessment for Place Value-Part 1!  Super proud of them!   We are continuing to make gains in LEXIA.  Keep up the great effort and remember ou...

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