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Last Week NewsDear Parents and Friends, Whew! ISTEP IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give your child a HUGE hug! They have done an OUTSTANDING job on all sections. I couldn't be more proud!!! Here are a few notes for next week. Upcoming events this week in and around The Castle: Field Day Mr. Beattie is looking for volunteers to help with the Mary Castle Field Day on Wednesday, May 17th The 6th, 5th, and 4th, grades will have their Field Day from 9:00-10:30. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade will have their Field Day from 12:00-1:30. If you would be interested in helping all of the day or just part of the day please fill out the parent volunteer form and have your child give the form back to their homeroom teacher or have them place it in my teacher mailbox by May 12th. Thank you for your help and the more volunteers we can get the better our Field Day will be. Thursday, May 4th: Flower Sale Pick Up, The Mary Castle PFO needs your help with volunteering next Thursday May 4th for our annual flower sale pick up date. Click here to donate any amount of time you have to help our school. Thanks for your support. Tuesday, May 9th: PFO Meeting @ MEC; 7pm Thursday, May 11: Talent Show Try Outs (Flyers for students interested went home in Take-Home folders on 4/28/17) Friday, May 12: International Festival 6-8:30/Teachers winning Canned Food Drive get a PIE in the FACE! Come and see! Tuesday, May, 16: Culver's Night Wedensday, May 17: Field Day (Look out for volunteer forms soon!) Tuesday, May 23: Talent Show (Times TBA) Wednesday, May 24: Awards Day & Classroom Celebration: Meet the Press Party (Tentative) (Times TBA) Thursday, May 25: Last Day of School, 6th Grade Awards/Clap Out, 6th Grade Picnic Homework Next Week ***Goal is for all students to be done with Lexia. Individual emails will be sent to families of students who are not done with the program. Please encourage your child to work at home as needed. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday No Homework this week: ISTEP Testing Today Homework Schedule Resumes -Topic 14 Practice Homework Schedule Resumes -Topic 14 Practice Homework Schedule Resumes -Topic 14 Practice Homework Schedule Resumes -Topic 14 Practice Meet the Press! The tentative date for our Meet the Press Party will be on Awards Day for 4th Grade: Wednesday, May 24. Times are TBA as scheduling for end of the year activities are still being prepared. We will be celebrating your child and the many projects they have finished Quarter 4. The celebration will be held in our classroom. Students will showcase the following projects: Geometry Cities Nonfiction Magazines (Meet the Press!) Tiny Houses Completed Genius Hour Projects Class Economy Projects County Fair Projects In math, we are continuing Topic 14: Graph Points on the Coordinate Plane. We are also launching a 2-week long project: Geometry Cities! Please click the links below for more information. Throughout our geometry unit, your child has learned the following skills: How to identify a geometrical figure using geometry vocabulary Naming geometrical elements and describing their features How to draw various figures given a set of characteristics How to find the area and perimeter of geometrical object The use of geometry in the real world such as in map reading, architecture, and more! Students will work in teams to sketch a blueprint, or rough draft, of their city, edit and revise the draft as a unit, and outline their vision on a large sheet of butcher paper. Students have been given a set of requirements for completing this assignment. Students will be graded on their work using a rubric. There will be points given based on neatness, teamwork, work ethic, and accuracy. This culminating activity will act as a significant portion of your child’s math grade for Term 4. Please read over the instructions included in this packet with your child and take a moment to look over the student samples here. In writing, students are publishing their nonfiction magazines using a program called, Canva. Learn all about it on www.canva.com! Magazines are created based on topics students are interested in and articles are written in the 5 different nonfiction text structures: compare & contrast, cause & effect, problem & solution, sequence & order, and description. Articles should be related to the magazine topic. See the rubric below for more information. Click the magazine cover pages below to get a SNEAK PEEK at our Magazines! For these last weeks of school, students will be participating in a classroom economy! This week, students will officially begin Phase 2 of this unit--using goods and services to create an income and contribute to our classroom economy. Students are choosing a skill or hobby they are passionate about, and working toward creating a store or service based on that idea. Examples that kids have come up with include: -Different flavors of popcorn -Friendship bracelets -Braiding hair -Painting nails -Creating Samurai objects from rocks -Creating store fronts for classmates Some students are choosing jobs and services that will require extra materials. They may ask you to take them to the store to purchase these items. Your family is in no way obligated to do this, however, donations are welcome. I have access to many materials and items that students can use. I have encouraged them to check with me first before coming home with requests. Please let me know how I can assist with this. In Social Studies during the week of ISTEP, students in all 4th grade classes will be researching a county in Indiana. Students have written letters to the Chamber of Commerce in their county seed and are eagerly awaiting responses! A final, “County Fair” will be held in classrooms in May during the last weeks of school! Stay tuned for more! Please let me know what questions you have about any of our upcoming learning goals or activities! Students are excited to end our year strong and I am thrilled to lead the way! Thank you all for your support and hard work with students outside the classroom. Have a great week, Andrea Cannon

Sent May 21st 2017

Dear Parents and Friends, It's the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!  I can't believe it!  As I take time to reflect on our journey together, I get a very bitter-sweet feeling!  Bitter because I will deeply miss seeing your childrens'' smiling faces each morning and sweet because I know that they are on to greatness in 5th Grade High Ability!  It has truly been a year of inspiration and personal as well as professional growth.  Thank you families for all of your support, kindness, and gener...


Sent May 17th 2017

This is a notice to all families in the MSD of Lawrence Township that every family must complete the *Returning Student Verification Process (RSVP) by *June 1st.  This process will facilitate the transition to a paperless online registration through Skyward Family Access and is mandatory for all families. In order to complete this process, you must be able to log in to Skyward Family Access. If you do not have your Skyward Family Access account information, please visit your child’s school wit...

Robotics Club

Sent May 10th 2017

Hello Mary Castle 4th - 6th grade families, I wanted to pass along some information about Mary Castle Robotics Club and a fun summer camp that your 4th, 5th, or 6th grade child might enjoy! Mrs. McLaren and I lead Mary Castle's after-school Robotics Club, which sponsored two Robotics "teams" to compete in local and surrounding  counties' robotics competitions for the 2016-2017 school year.  In our first year as a club and competing in 3 local competitions, both our t...

Monday News

Sent May 9th 2017

Good afternoon, Parents and Friends! First of all, I would like to welcome our new friend, Ethan Fry.  Ethan joins us from Alabama!  We enjoyed getting to know him today as he told us about his love for soccer, video, games, and his pets.  Welcome to Mary Castle!  Parents, please make sure to reach out to Ethan's family as we welcome them to the High Ability community, as well!  There is a special note attached to this email from Mr. Beattie.  He is eager to sign up more parents for ...

International Festival News

Sent May 5th 2017

Parents and Friends, It's that time of year again!  The International Festival is coming!  For years, it has been a Mary Castle tradition.  We are very excited about the events we have prepared for families this year!  The festival will be: Friday, May 12, 2017 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm   If you are planning to attend, please consider pre-ordering your tickets at a discounted price!  Please look at the flyer attached for more information.  *Hard copies are coming home with students tod...

Monday Message

Sent May 1st 2017

Dear Parents and Friends, Whew!  ISTEP IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Give your child a HUGE hug!  They have done an OUTSTANDING job on all sections.  I couldn't be more proud!!!   Here are a few notes for next week. _Upcoming events this week in and around The Castle: _ _Field Day_ *Mr. Beattie is looking for volunteers to help with the Mary Castle Field Day on Wednesday, May 17**th**  The 6**th**, 5**th**, and 4**th**, grades will have their Field Day from 9:00-10:...

Mrs. Cannon's News

Sent April 28th 2017

Dear Parents and Friends, Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout this week's ISTEP Testing.  Your students have done an amazing job this week as they have persevered through schedule changes, testing in the morning, and an introduction to new projects.  I am beyond impressed!   Here are a few notes for next week. _Upcoming events this week in and around The Castle: _ Monday, May 1st:  Students will be stopping and DANCING from 2-10pm for an International Dance Dance Break!!!...

Mrs. Cannon's News: Week of April 24

Sent April 23rd 2017

Dear Parents and Friends, Thank you!!!! Special THANK YOU to Kasey Jackson for helping us prepare for our upcoming celebration, “Meet the Journalists!”  Ms. Jackson is preparing Press Passes for our student journalists to wear as they share out their nonfiction magazines!  More information about end-of-year celebrations and awards forthcoming.     Upcoming events this week in and around The Castle: Below you will find this week's ISTEP testing schedule as well as some great ...

Mrs. Cannon's News

Sent April 17th 2017

Dear Parents and Friends, /Wow! / We have been on a ROLL in our class! I would like to start by CELEBRATING! 100% of our students received an 85% or higher on our Topic 13 Order of Operations Test! WELL DONE! Please take a moment to look through your child's Take Home Folder and place this test on your fridge! Definitely something to be proud of! Check out the latest news in and around Mary Castle below! Homework This Week ***Goal is for all students to be done with Lexia. Individual emails will be sent t...

This Week's News!

Sent April 3rd 2017

Dear Parents and Friends, April Showers Bring May Flowers!  And the students were so happy to see flowers and plants buddying around our campus today!  As we welcome warm weather, please take note of the following upcoming events in and around Mary Castle. Book Fair:  A Note From Mrs. Fislar Want a free book (up to $8.00) from the Scholastic Spring Book Fair? Please consider volunteering for the Scholastic Book Fair scheduled from 4/10/17 – 4/14/17. Your child will have the opportunity to purcha...

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