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6-Ms. Tippmann's Class Message

Sent January 16th 2019

Midweek Message!  We're off to a good start for the 3rd quarter!  I just wanted to give you a glimpse of our 3rd quarter focus....  Solar System  Scientific Method and Engineering/Design Process.  The Science Fair is scheduled to be a couple weeks after the 4th quarter starts; therefore, we will do the majority of the work before the 3rd quarter ends.   Geometry - area of prism and volume  pre-algebraic equations (solving for variables and providing proof whether equatio...

Winter Semester 1 Party!

Sent December 18th 2018

Good Evening Parents,  Just a quick note to encourage your child to finish their 6 book reports due Thursday for this quarter!!  WINTER SEMESTER 1 PARTY  The end of semester 1 is here!  We will celebrate with a student party.  Many students volunteered your money and your time  :) when it came to coordinating the party.  I bet you did not even know you were so giving and kind lol  It was all in good spirit and we discussed the need to plan for Dollar Store or sale items and not ...

Important Math Test Information!!

Sent December 5th 2018

604 Families:  As you know I gear our classroom learning around middle school preparation.  This year's 604 bunch is extremely laid back and not all that worried about academic consequences.  It's a delightfully happy group; however, a group, overall, that is unprepared for the level of responsibility middle school requires.  With that being said, we will have a math test this Friday.  It is not particularly difficult.  In fact the overwhelming part of the test is memorization (al...

6-Ms. Tippmann's Class Message

Sent December 3rd 2018

Greetings 604 Families!  Happy First Week of Decemberr!   I want to start by _congratulating _all the students that volunteer on a regular basis in the Mary Castle Community!  Many students are volunteer to help the librarian, nurse, speech pathologist, Global Stem primary classes, as well as individual jobs here and there.  Most of the volunteer time is in lieu of student recess.  It's amazing students give up their social free time to help our school community.  If your child vo...

604 Daily

Sent November 29th 2018

Good Evening 604 Families!  Just a couple reminders!  STudents are responsible for reading 6- grade level chapter books by the end of this quarter.  All students have the book report forms to complete their requirements and are reminded daily to successfully complete them!   ONly 3 weeks left to complete this requirement!  Give your child a big "kudos", if they are well on their way to completing this!   Congratulations to ALL students who tried out for the boys'...

604 Daily

Sent November 13th 2018

Hello 604 Daily Families!  THANK YOU's!  Thank you to the parents ( Erin & Yanis) who were able to visit the IMA with us.  Your help was critical, and it's always a plus to have parents participate!   Wow!  The students planned a surprise birthday party for me during our lunch last week.  I am thoroughly impressed with their organizational skills and their enthusiasm.  Thank you to the parents who were "required" to do the legwork for the party!  ...

The Daily 604

Sent November 8th 2018

Greetings!   Just a quick note to let you know about a wonderful 6th grade opportunity.... a Mary Castle 6th grade basketball team!  Girls Basketball Tryouts ·         11/8 and 11/12 – 4:00 – 5:30pm ·         Coach Maurice Rush Boys Basketball Tryouts ·         11//13 and 11/14 – 2:45 – 4:15pm ·   &n...

MEC Room 604 6th Grade News

Sent September 5th 2018

MEC Room 604 6th Grade News September 5, 2018 Happy Wednesday families!  _DAILY 604 LIF_E - I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know "Kids In Action" and "Student Council" applications are due tomorrow.  Along with these wonderful school community opportunities, we have a few school community volunteer opportunities for the students.  This includes but is not limited to jobs in the library, helping 1st graders with projects, etc.  These opportunities come at the ve...

MEC Room 604 6th Grade News

Sent September 19th 2017

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the 2017 Parent Teacher Conferences!  Email Difficulties.... Several families had difficulty reaching me via email.  Some have never successfully emailed me and some found success in a hit or miss fashion.  MSDLT had difficulty with my tech profile which included email.  At one point they erased my profile and rebuilt it.  Since then MSDLT has included many different spellings of my name, an incorrect email address previously publicized, etc in ...

Parent Teacher Conferences: Monday, September 18, 2017

Sent September 13th 2017

Parents, Please send me an email with your top 2 preferred parent-teacher conference times for this coming Monday, September 18th!  If you have multiple children at Mary Castle, please indicate this in your email with your preferred time.  Conferences will be held from Noon Monday - 7:00pm.  Thank you, Ms. Tippmann ...

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