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Subject: 3-Mr. Betts Class Message
Date: August 31st 2018

Hello Families,

We've made it to the first 3-day weekend of the new school year!  Everything is off to a fantastic start!  We have reviewed TROT expectations and we have a good understanding of what that means.  For example, nearly 85% of the class has owned responsibility and returned their homework daily! 

We look forward to next week and the opportunity of 1-to-1 devices in the classroom.  We're so excited that more technology can be at our fingertips.  If you have not completed the Acceptable Use Policy through the RSVP process, please do so and your child will be ready to go when our classroom devices arrive.

Picture day is Wednesday, September 5th!  Our class schedule is in the morning before recess and lunch.  So have your child ready with his or her best smile!

Have an enjoyable weekend!

Mr. Betts

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