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news for week of December 11

Sent December 10th 2017

Good evening!  This week we will have our last Spelling test of the semester.  Our skill is silent e with /o-e/ and /u-e/.  On Wednesday we will have a test over subtraction with regrouping.  We will do a practice test together and it will be sent home to study for the test.  We will also be working on writing short answers to questions using RACE.  R--restate the question A--answer all parts of the question C--cite evidence E--explain your evidence.  We will be using this procedure f...

December news

Sent December 3rd 2017

Good evening!  Here are some highlights for this week.  1.  We will be shopping at the Book Fair on Wednesday at 8:50am.  Please look at the flyer sent home on Friday and/or look online to help your child select appropriate books if you are interested in purchasing books.  2.  We will have spelling this week.  Our words are silent e words with /a-e/ and /i-e/.   Spirit week is coming.  The week of Dec. 18th will be spirit week.  Look for more information about the...

This Week

Sent November 29th 2017

Good afternoon!  Sorry for the delay in my message this week.  I've been a bit under the weather. This week our spelling words all have double ss, ll, ff, or zz.    We are working on recognizing and analyzing the organizational structure of nonfiction articles--sequential, cause/effect, etc.  In writing we are finishing up our How To unit.  Our STEM project this week is from the book The Most Magnificent Idea.  We are creating Robot Dogs.   In Math we are subtracting w...

Hat Day

Sent November 13th 2017

Hat Day is tomorrow (Tuesday) instead of Friday as I previously listed in the newsletter.  Students wishing to participate may wear a hat for a $1 donation to the United Way.  Sorry about any confusion.  Thanks!  Mrs. Frieze ...

news for week of Nov. 13th

Sent November 12th 2017

Good evening!  It's hard to believe it's already mid-November.  This week we will continue working on blends in Spelling.  We will have a test this Friday over the blends.  There will NOT be vocabulary words this week as we will be reading several nonfiction articles this week as we look at the structure of nonfiction writing. In Writing we will be working on more HOW TO writing.  Ask your child about our Oreo writing.   In Math we are working on subtracting 2 digit numbers....

News for week of 11/6

Sent November 6th 2017

Good afternoon!  Here's what's happening this week. . . 1.  Sock-vember is taking place now.  It is our Sock-Drive to benefit the homeless around Indianapolis.  We are collecting all sizes of new socks to be donated to homeless shelters.  Our school goal is 1,500 pairs of socks.  This is sponsored by Student Council.  The class that brings in the most socks wins a Donut Party.  Did you know that the average age of a homeless person is 7 years old?  We hope that you ...

news for Week of October 30

Sent October 29th 2017

Good evening!  This week our Spelling words will have 2 or 3 letter blends.  In Math we will continue working on regrouping.  I am seeing improvement every day.  In Reading we are starting nonfiction so our vocabulary words are all about the text features.  Our vocabulary words are table of contents, glossary, illustrations, caption, index, and map.  We will be writing How To books also.  We will be doing a STEM project with Ms. Smelser's class as well. On Tuesday students may dr...

HOMEWORK for 10/25

Sent October 25th 2017

Everyone has homework tonight.  It is page 209-210 in Math.  There are 10 problems.  Please read the story problems with your child. Also I am sending several emails today about some behaviors I am seeing.  Please speak to your child about these concerns if you receive a message today.  I would really appreciate it. We did have outside recess today and will continue to do so as much as possible.  It is imperative that your child has an appropriate coat or jacket to stay warm outside.&nbs...

news for the week of October 23rd

Sent October 22nd 2017

Good evening!  We will have Library again this week.  Please have your child return his/her library book on Tuesday.  This week the students may check out 2 books.  :-) For Spelling this week our pattern is short u words and y as i in words (sky, by, etc.)  Please have your child study a bit each day and emphasize the spelling pattern.   Our mentor text for the week is Stellaluna.  Our vocabulary words are:  scent, anxious, perched, babble, dodging, and trembling. In...

Donors Choose

Sent October 18th 2017

Good morning!  I want to make you aware of a project that I have listed on DonorsChoose.org.  It is to get STEM books for the class. Today and tomorrow only any donations made to my project will be matched.  :-)  If you can donate, great but what I would really like is if you could post my project on your social media page.  That way we can reach more people. I want to make sure my students have the materials they need to succeed, so I've created a classroom project request through DonorsC...

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