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news for week of April 2nd

Sent April 1st 2018

Welcome Back!  This week we will resume Spelling.  The words all have ow, ou, or ew in them. Our mentor text is Mother Bruce.  The vocabulary words are:  goslings, appetite, salmon, recipe, stubborn, and geese. In Math we will be continuing our work on linear measurement.  We will be focusing on the metric measurements. In writing we will be writing opinion paragraphs. On Friday, April 6th we will have a Mary Castle Spirit Day. Please continue working on Lexia at home.  Once the class...

news for week of March 19

Sent March 19th 2018

Happy week before Spring Break!   This week we will NOT have spelling words.  We will be reviewing our r-controlled words from the last 2 weeks in class.  There will Not be a  test.   The students will be creating their own "wonders" using the donated materials just like the students in the Junkyard Wonders did.  They are really excited about this and have been coming up with ideas since last week. In Math we are working on measurement using inches, feet, and yards.&...

Tomorrow (Friday, March 16th)

Sent March 15th 2018

Tomorrow is Hat Day for our class.  For a $1 donation to Pennies for Patients, students may wear a hat tomorrow.  Also we are wearing green and/or Mary Castle attire to support our 6th grade girls basketball team in the championships.  Each student received a ticket to the game on Friday night.  These will be coming home in folders tonight. SHHH!!!  But the students are making Oobleck tomorrow in Global Leadership.  (It's a surprise) so please don't let your child wear his/her bes...

news for week of March 12

Sent March 11th 2018

Good afternoon!  Here are the highlights for this week:  1.  Spelling words have /ew/, /ow/, or /ou/.  This will be our last test until April.  2.  We will have library on Wednesday.  Please remind your student to return his/her books by Tuesday.  3.  Our quarter 3 math assessment is on Monday.  4.  Our mentor text is Junkyard Wonders by Patricia Polacco.  We will use this text this week and the week of March 19th.  Our vocabulary words are:  br...

news for the week of March 12

Sent March 9th 2018

Good evening!  I am sending this early to give you a heads up before our test on Monday in math.  It is the end of the 3rd quarter so the test will have questions on addition and subtraction up to 1,000, telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, elapsed time to the hour and half hour, and counting money.  I wanted to give you some resources online that could help your child review.   1.  Money bingo--this game allows the students to count the coins and bills.  http://www.abcya.com/...

news for week of March 5

Sent March 5th 2018

Happy Monday!  Sorry about the delay in sending this.   1.  No vocabulary words this week--we are reviewing nonfiction text features so we are using a lot of different nonfiction articles this week. 2.  Spelling words are /ar/ and /or/ words. 3.  In Math we are finishing up working on subtraction within 1,000.   Friday is Spirit Day.  Try to wear some MEC attire. Pennies for Patients is underway.  Feel free to send in your boxes any time you need them dumped. ...

news for Week of February 19th

Sent February 25th 2018

Good evening!  It's hard to believe that March starts this week.  It looks like the warmer temperatures are here for a bit so I'll take it.  Outside Recess Finally!!! This week our mentor text is Henry's Freedom Box.  The vocabulary words are:  soar, warehouse, bittersweet, beckoned, steamboat, burst. Our spelling words are words with oi or oy.   In Math we will be finishing up 3 digit addition to 1,000 and begin subtraction up to 1,000. We will have a Pennies for Pati...

news for week of February 19th

Sent February 19th 2018

Good evening!  I hope everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend. Please plan to join us at Portillo's on Wednesday evening from 5-8pm for Dine to Donate to  benefit the Mary Castle PFO.  Please bring the flyer either in paper form or on your phone to have 20 percent of your purchase donated to our PFO.  I am attaching the flyer to this message. This week we will be finishing up Where the Wild Things Are focusing on comprehension.  In Math we will be working on addition to 1,000.  In Writing...

news for week of February 12th

Sent February 11th 2018

Good evening!  Here are the highlights of our week: 1.  Spelling words are /ai/ /ay/ and /oa/ words. 2.  In Math we will be finishing time.  Our Time and Money test will be on Thursday.  I will be sending home items to use for studying. 3.  Our mentor text will be Where the Wild Things Are.  Here are our vocab words:  gnashed, mischief, rumpus, wild, frightened, and forest. 4.  Movie night is on Friday.  The movie is a Surprise.  :-) 5.  Our Valentine'...

news for the week of February 5th

Sent February 4th 2018

Good evening!  Here are the highlights for this week: 1.  Spelling this week will be words with long e spelled ea or ee. 2.  Our vocabulary words for the week come from the book Looking at Lincoln.   They are:  battle (a military fight between groups of soldiers), plight (a very bad situation), memorial (something that honor a person who has died), malice ( a desire to cause harm to another person), liberty (the power to do or choose what you want to do ), and democracy (a form of g...

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